24Jan 2017

Commercial flooring is typically sealed and waxed after it is first installed into a building. Over time, from high traffic, water, dust, dirt, and other debris, the wax coating can start to yellow and cause the floor’s appearance to look dingy and dull. Dirt and other debris can also start to get trapped in small cracks in the wax coating, making floors also appear stained.

Reasons to Hire a Toronto Commercial Cleaning Company for Floor Stripping and Waxing

Stripping and waxing commercial floors is considered one of the most labour-intensive and time consuming tasks. There are several things you need to know ahead of time and specific types of equipment, in order to do the task correctly including: Continue reading

30Dec 2016

During the winter months, people are more susceptible to illnesses and infections. One of the reasons for the increase in sicknesses is due to reduced humidity in indoor air and lower air quality. Heated air is drier and holds less humidity, so it does not effectively remove airborne viruses and bacteria as easily as it does during the summer months, when the air is much more humid.

Medical Office Cleaning

As a medical professional, you will want to make sure your medical office healthcare providers and staff are better able to fight off infections when being exposed to so many germs, illnesses and sicknesses from your patients. Our Toronto professional cleaning service is pleased to offer these useful tips and suggestions: Continue reading

15Dec 2016

For most business owners, the last thing on their mind is keeping their business cleaned. They are already spending 40+ hours a week ensuring the day-to-day operations are being completed correctly and employees are remaining productive.

Keeping your business clean can seem like a challenge. Do you really want to spend your evenings, after everyone has gone home vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning bathrooms? Even if you task your employees with keeping their work areas organized and cleaned, in most cases, the amount of time your employees spend on picking up after themselves will be minimal. Continue reading

15Sep 2016

There are numerous reasons why you need to keep your medical facility clean. Your nurses, physicians, medical technicians, and other staff deserve to work in a clean and healthy environment while providing care to patients. How clean your medical office is also reflects your level of concern and thoughtfulness for your patients and your professional staff.

Facility managers have multiple tasks and responsibilities to take care of, sometimes outside of normal operating hours. Unfortunately, your staff may not realize exactly what you do after hours to ensure the healthcare operation is being ran effectively and efficiently. Ensuring the facility is cleaned correctly every evening is just one of the many tasks you have to manage. Continue reading

25Aug 2016

When you have your own business, the cleaning is usually the last thing you think of after your work day is finished. This is why many businesses would rather hire professionals like Focus Cleaning to help them with keeping their offices and businesses looking professional. Using a professional cleaning service in Toronto will improve your customers’ view of your business and help promote your professionalism.

Commercial Cleaning Provides Less Work for You and Your Employees

Operating your own business is work that takes up most of your time. You will want to find ways to lessen work for non-essential business tasks, like cleaning, for you and your employees. Hiring professional commercial cleaners allows you to focus on core business functions and not worry about the appearance of your business. We clean your business and often make it more sanitary than most homes. This provides you and your employees with a healthier work environment, safer place to work, and fewer missed days due to illness. Continue reading

02Jul 2016

All businesses, which prepares and serves food, are subjected to regular inspections by DineSafe. DineSafe is a public health food safety program in Toronto that adheres to all provincial and municipal regulations. As such, these established must satisfy the requirements as contained within the Ontario Food Premises Regulation, as well as those set up by municipalities within the Greater Toronto Area.

The frequency of DineSafe inspections is based on the risk level (Low, Moderate, or High) of the business based upon specific criteria. In addition, the number of minimum inspections per year are one, two, or three times (Low, Moderate, or High). However, that does not mean an establishment could be inspected more than the minimum required visits. Continue reading

03May 2016

As the colder winter months are quickly fading away and the warmer spring months are upon us, now is a great time to have your office, restaurant, or business professionally spring cleaned by an experienced cleaning service in Toronto. Scheduling a detailed cleaning of your business in the spring not only revitalizes your office, but helps ensure furniture, flooring, carpeting, and more, are properly maintained and last longer.

Carpet Cleaning

Over the winter months, even with regular scheduled carpet cleaning, the carpeted areas inside your building were exposed to snow, water, and salt, as well as dirt and mud. This grime works its way deep down into the carpet fibers where normal vacuuming does not get it out. In the spring, getting the carpeting professionally steamed cleaned helps release all of this trapped dirt. Continue reading

15Feb 2016

Cleaning your business carpets regularly not only helps keep the carpeting in your business looking new, but also keeps you healthy, as well. Many companies hire a professional cleaning service in Toronto to help maintain the appearance of their business. As a result, it provides their clients with a fresh, welcoming experience every time they visit the business.

Keeping your carpets clean also helps provide a healthier working environment for you and your employees. One of the most beneficial things about cleaning your carpets regularly is the elimination of trapped pollutants. These pollutants include everything from air pollutants to everyday dirt and dust. Continue reading

15Dec 2015

Keeping your office clean in the winter can be challenging without professional help from an experienced Toronto cleaning service. Ice, snow, sleet, water, salt, and dirt all get tracked into your business. Before you know it, tiled floors have white discolourations from the dried salt in melting snow and water that dries. Snow gets tracked into work areas and around desks, also causing discolourations to carpeting.

In order to protect your office from the winter elements and keep it clean and pristine, there are several things you can do. First, make sure you are using high quality entrance mats on tiled floors throughout your building. Besides you main entrance used by customers and visitors, do not overlook delivery areas and employee entrances. Mats help collect snow, water, salt, and dirt and reduce the amount being tracked into your work and office areas. Continue reading

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