15Oct 2015

You may have heard of situations where an office building is making its employees sick due to various reasons, such as mold, mildew, or dust mites. Some employers might think the reason their employees are exhibiting symptoms of the common cold or influenza is because there is a bug going around the office. However, many businesses have no idea their employees are suffering because of unseen problems lurking in carpeting, storage closets, and ventilation systems. While the rest of their office or building appears immaculate and spotless, these hidden areas could be what is causing your employees to cough, sneeze, and feel miserable while they are at work.

Did you know a large number of people are allergic to dust mites? Dust mites are small creatures that look like floating dust particles you see in sunlight. Contrary to what some people might think, dust mites do not eat dust to survive. Rather, they provide a valuable service by consuming dead skin cells shed by people throughout the day. However, even though eliminating dead skills is beneficial, these little creates can cause allergies in people, even those, who do not suffer from seasonal or other forms of allergies. Continue reading

10Jul 2015

Cold and flu season is just right around the corner. Is your business, office, or restaurant ready? There are a variety of different ways cold and flu virus can be spread around your business environment by your employees and guests. All it takes is for someone to cough or sneeze into their hands and then touch keyboards, desks, copy machines, tables, and other surfaces in the building. If someone else touches the same contaminated surface, the virus can be spread to them, if they rub their eyes, consume food without washing their hands, or even spread the virus on their hands to others.

With professional cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA, you can keep your business environment clean and sterile to reduce the spread of illness, especially during high cold and flu season. You can request specific areas of your work environment be sterilized on a daily basis and request supplies to help keep your employees healthy, including: Continue reading

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