Winter can be a messy season, especially for your carpets. Many people take refuge indoors to escape from the heavy snowfall, only to leave behind a trail of dirty footprints across your carpet floors. If you are in an office environment, the ruined carpet might be quite visible to anybody who visits, particularly in the entryway. These carpet stains and streaks will reflect poorly on the professionalism of your business.

A dirty carpet produces awful smells, not to mention it is a haven for bacteria and germs. If allowed to build up, the bacteria and germs can cause many hygiene problems for your office, which should be avoided at all costs. To keep the carpets in presentable condition, hire a professional office cleaning company for help. The experts will use the recommended supplies to make sure the carpets are spotlessly clean.

If you work in an office, there are ways to keep the floors and carpets tidy during winter. Just because there might be a snowstorm outside doesn’t mean your carpets have to suffer as a result. Follow these five professional carpet cleaning tips in the winter:

Tip #1: Scrubbing the carpet spots doesn’t work effectively.

Scrubbing the carpet spots doesn't work effectively.

When we see an unsightly stain on the carpet, our first instinct might be to scrub it away. There is a common misconception that scrubbing the carpet really hard will get all the stains out. However, this actually damages the carpet fibres by making them fray and twisted. The stains also end up going deeper into your carpet. Instead, it is far more effective to use a cloth and dab the stained area gently.

Tip #2: Always clean a carpet stain right away.

Always clean a carpet stain right away.

Nobody likes to clean up stains, especially in an office environment where everybody is busy working. Even if you spot mud, snow, or spill stain on the carpet, you may choose to postpone the cleaning until a later time because there are other errands to run. Ultimately, this ends up damaging your carpets in the long term.

The longer the stain stays on the carpet, the more it is absorbed into the carpet fibres. This makes it harder to clean the carpet afterwards. If you do not deal with the stain promptly, it may result in unpleasant odours and mould growth. Always clean your carpets immediately if you notice a spill or stain.

Tip #3: Different carpet stains require different cleaning solutions.

Different carpet stains require different cleaning solutions.

A cleaning solution can clean your carpet and give it a warm, welcoming look. However, using the wrong products may end up permanently damaging the carpet. Before you apply any cleaning agent on the carpet, make sure you adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications, which are printed on the product label. Keep in mind that different carpet stains will require different types of cleaning solutions.

For example, salt stains on carpets are best removed with a solution of warm water and white vinegar in equal proportions. For slush stains, you will want to use a combination of soap and hot water. If you are dealing with soot stains, begin by sprinkling absorbents such as cornstarch, baking soda or baby powder. Let the absorbent sit for at least an hour before you vacuum the carpet. Complete the cleaning process with acetone, alcohol, mineral spirits or any other dry-cleaning solvent.

Tip #4: Test out the cleaning product before you apply it.

Test out the cleaning product before you apply it.

When you buy a new cleaning solution, it may not necessarily be suitable for your carpet. To avoid the potential adverse effects of an untested cleaning solution, try it out on a hidden part of the rug in a less visible part of the office. Testing the cleaning solution is a smart way of determining how reliable the product is. If the carpet fabric begins to bleach or tear, this cleaning product is clearly not suitable for the rest of the office.

Another rookie mistake is using too much of the cleaning product on your carpet. Applying more chemical solutions will not increase the effectiveness of your cleaning. Instead, the chemicals may become saturated inside the carpet, which damages the fabric.

Tip #5: Hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

Cleaning the carpet by yourself is a time-consuming venture. Without the right supplies and equipment, your efforts may not be as thorough as a professional cleaning company. You are also bound to make accidental mistakes when cleaning the carpet, such as over-wetting and over-shampooing.

Instead, you should hire a company to make sure your carpet receives a professional cleaning treatment. While the carpets need to be cleaned during winter, you should also schedule regular carpet cleaning sessions during the warmer months of the year. Regular cleaning ensures the durability and usability of your office carpet, allowing it to last for many years to come.