<![CDATA[Have you looked up at the ceiling recently? Your high ceilings might be decorated with elegant lights, beautiful signages, and all manners of fancy ornaments. While the ceilings can enhance the aesthetics of your business establishment, it is quite the challenge to keep these areas clean.

The toughest part about cleaning ceilings is the ability to access them at a safe height. Unless you are a professional cleaner, you’ll find it difficult to reach these extremely high areas with just your standard cleaning equipment. In order to hoist a worker closer physically, you should equip yourself with a variety of high ceiling cleaning tools.

Below are six different types of high ceiling cleaning tools that you can use:

1. Microfibre dusters

Microfibre dusters

When cleaning a ceiling fan or dusting the light fixtures, you need a microfibre duster with an extended handle. Due to their fine structure, the microfibre hairs can easily permeate into the pores of the cleaning area, absorbing the dirt via their electro-static aspects. This is useful for high dusting, because the dust clings onto the microfibre instead of scattering the particles around everywhere.

Alternatively, you may want to use a feather duster, which consists of a wooden-dowel handle with ostrich or geese feathers. While the ostrich feathers attract dust better than geese feathers, neither option is as effective as simply using microfibre dusters.

2. Long-handled brooms

Long-handled brooms are useful high ceiling cleaning tools.

Among your high ceiling cleaning tools, the long-handled broom is particularly useful for arresting spider webs and cleaning dust. This vital piece of equipment is great for high ceiling cleaning, but only if you get one with a long enough handle. Otherwise, you will have a hard time reaching the ceiling with just the standard sized brooms.

3. High-reach mops

High-reach mops are useful high ceiling cleaning tools.

High-reach mops are versatile high ceiling cleaning tools. They come with sturdy extendable handles, which allows a simple mop to transform itself and increase the length dramatically. With a high-reach mop, you don’t need to have particularly long arms to access the ceiling. You can simply extend the handles to a comfortable length and your height difference will be negligible.

If your mop handles are bendable, you can reach even the most awkward corners and nooks at different ceiling heights. You can adjust the telescopic handle to reach wherever you want to clean. This means you don’t need a different handle when switching between cleaning tasks.

4. Stepladder

Stepladders are useful high ceiling cleaning tools.

Even though your dusters, brooms and mops are extendable, these items could be inadequate for reaching the extremely high ceilings. No matter how much you extend your cleaning tools, there’s a limitation to how high they can go. When your ceilings are simply too out of reach, you will need another way to get the cleaners up there. This is where ladders, lifts, and scaffolds come in.A stepladder is one of the most essential high ceiling cleaning tools. However, safety is a huge concern. When you are cleaning the ceilings, there tends to be a lot of physical movement involved, so you need to be cautious about gaining a sturdy foothold on the ladder.

If you’re cleaning on a ladder, you need to have a trusted person hold it in place to avoid a slip and fall accident. In the event of a fall, it helps to have someone nearby to give you first aid or take you to the hospital. It’s never a good idea to use a ladder when no one else is around.

5. Mobile Scaffold Tower

Mobile scaffold towers are useful high ceiling cleaning tools.

A typical mobile scaffold tower should be high enough to reach high ceilings. It should also be strong, durable, robust, and corrosion resistant. Depending on the height of your ceiling, you can choose from wide, narrow, or stairway scaffolds. Mobile scaffold towers are ideal for cleaning in commercial and industrial sites.

6. Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts are useful high ceiling cleaning tools.

When your ceilings are extremely tall, you may require the usage of an aerial lift. This heavy piece of machinery is electronically powered. It comes with adjustable beams that can lift the user to their desired height. These aerial lifts also have wheels, allowing for easy maneuvering and navigation. Perhaps the most significant advantage of aerial lifts is their safety. No other lift comes close in terms of keeping the user safe.

Similarly, you may also want to try the electric hydraulic scissor lifts. These lifts are specifically designed for indoor use. They are easy to maneuver and operate without emitting fumes. These powered scissors lifts are ideal for cleaning gymnasiums, warehouses, and shopping malls, where the ceilings are at extremely high heights.