Commercial Cleaning Provides Less Work for You and Your Employees

Operating your own business is work that takes up most of your time. You will want to find ways to lessen work for non-essential business tasks, like cleaning, for you and your employees. Hiring professional commercial cleaners allows you to focus on core business functions and not worry about the appearance of your business. We clean your business and often make it more sanitary than most homes. This provides you and your employees with a healthier work environment, safer place to work, and fewer missed days due to illness.

Office Cleaning

When you have our professional cleaners come into your office, we provide you with customized cleaning services based upon your needs and budget. For most offices, we will usually vacuum all the carpets, wash all hardwood/tiled floors, including stripping and waxing, if necessary. You will also find we offer carpet cleaning and repair services which can include steam cleaning or shampooing when necessary, as well as the everyday cleaning tasks, like empting trashcans and disposing of recyclables. With our quality cleaning service, we will also spot clean the walls to help your office shine in every corner. This not only helps your office look great and impress clients, but also promotes a healthier space for you and your employees.

Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurants require more extensive deep cleaning than office cleaning services. This is simply because of the standards restaurants are held to for public safety. Our professional cleaners can provide several cleaning services for your restaurant including:

  • Cleaning Tables
  • Vacuuming Waiting Areas
  • Pressure Washing Building Exteriors and Floors
  • Cleaning Ducts, Filters and Exhaust Fans
  • Washing Kitchen Hoods
  • Mopping Floors and Waxing, as Needed
  • Empting Grease Traps
  • Sanitizing Bathrooms
  • Sanitizing and Disinfecting Bathrooms, Toilets, and Urinals, and Polishing Sinks and Mirrors
  • Dusting Mini-blinds, Windows, Wall Hangings, and Air Vents
  • Washing Windows Inside and Outside
  • Refilling Bathroom and Other Consumables Including Soap and Paper Products
  • Cleaning Around the Dumpster Area and Removing Food, Grease, and Grime
  • Washing Kitchen Floors and Mats and Removing Grease

Hiring a professional cleaning Toronto service ensures your restaurant is kept clean and able to pass routine health inspections.

Here at Focus Cleaning, we have a solid service record, professional staff, and over 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry. To learn more about our commercial cleaning services available in the GTA for your business, contact us today by calling 416-283-2561. We look forward to providing with outstanding service and customizable solutions to make your business shine!