commercial building in the Greater Toronto Area. As winter arrives, multiple issues can arise on the inside and outside of your building. Due to the worsening of weather and the drops in temperature, damage can be sustained, such as a frozen pipe or clogged gutters. Most importantly, the people residing or having to work in the building don’t want to be working in freezing temperatures, which can simply be avoided through ensuring your HVAC system is working by asking for help from professionals like CJS Heating and Air. There are several areas of your building you need to winterize, as follows: Tips for Winterizing Your Toronto Business

  1. Weatherize around doors and windows. Install weatherization kits around each of the doors and windows on your building. You should also caulk reapplied prior to installing weatherization kits.
  2. Insulate and protect water lines and exterior faucets. It is important to shut off exterior water supply lines and faucets and remove from the lines to prevent frozen and burst pipes. In addition, any exposed exterior water pipes and lines that run indoors should be insulated so they do not freeze.
  3. Winterize swimming pools. For hotels and resorts or other commercial businesses with outdoor swimming pools, it is important to complete winterization before the first hard freeze.
  4. Inspect your roof. Look for signs the roofing material is cracking, breaking, or peeling up and contact a roofing company in howard county if you see anything. These can lead to water damage and roof damage during the winter from ice and snow.
  5. Get HVAC system maintenance completed. The HVAC system on your building requires properly shutting down and preparing AC units for winter, as well as testing of the heating system to ensure proper operation. This is also a great time to have duct work inspected by a company like Willard Power Vac and install new filters.
  6. Have exterior sidewalk damage repaired. If you have existing small cracks in the sidewalk outside your building, get these fixed before winter. Ice and snow will create further damage, which could lead to accidental slips and injuries.
  7. Make arrangements for snow removal. Check with your Toronto commercial cleaning service to see if they offer snow removal service to keep parking lots and sidewalks clear, or if they can make a referrer. It is best to secure service now, instead of waiting until after the first snow fall since it will be harder to find a service at that time.
  8. Get the gutters/eaves cleaned. During the fall, leaves and other debris can get into the gutters and eaves on your building. Not cleaning them can cause problems with drainage, blockages, and other issues where the gutter can become weighted down once snows and potentially pull loose and fall off. Further, backed up gutters can cause roof damage as well as water damaged on the interior side of exterior walls.
  9. Have your cleaning company reverse the direction of ceiling fans. Schedule a one-time service to get your ceiling fans detailed cleaned and dusted, as well as to have the direction switched for the winter.
Here at Focus Cleaning, we provide a wide variety of handyman and exterior and interior maintenance services to help prepare your building for winter. For a free quote or to schedule services, please feel free to contact us at 416-283-2561 today.