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To guarantee high-quality outcomes, Richmond Hill tile replacement services should only be carried out by professionals. Focus Cleaning can perform the necessary grout repairs to restore the original appearance of the surfaces by removing and replacing individual tiles. We work within your budget, so the cost is very reasonable. We also complete the job quickly, so you can resume enjoying clean, new tiles.

It’s not necessary to replace every tile in your office if one or more of them are damaged. With tile replacement services, you can maintain the original, tasteful design. One tile will not be distinct from the others in terms of colour or tone. You can be confident that the replacement tiles will perfectly match the rest of your floor, as they will all match. Focus Cleaning works with all kinds of tiles, from modern stone designs to vintage ceramic and porcelain tiles!

Our expert tile replacement can lessen the need for subsequent repairs and help your tile last longer. Simple replacements that don’t break the bank can help you prolong the life of your tiles. For a fraction of the price of a full tile restoration project, Focus Cleaning can remove and replace individual tiles as well as make the necessary grout repairs to restore the original appearance of your surfaces.

You won’t have to plan for weeks of renovation work with our expert services, not to mention the time it takes to locate a reliable tile renovation business. Smaller jobs that can be finished in a single visit are Focus Cleaning’s specialty!

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Do wet floors cause problems? We're going to replace that sag!

  • Setting Up and Assessing     
  • Installing the subfloor and removing the tiles     
  • Tile Selection and Layout Design
  • Putting in Tiles
  • Upkeep of Grout and Accentuations
  • Cleaning and removal of trash