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It’s not always necessary to replace hardwood flooring entirely. Oftentimes, thorough sanding and refinishing can save an old or damaged floor. The best hardwood floor refinishing services in Richmond Hill are provided by Focus Cleaning. We frequently visit clients who recently moved into new condos only to find out that the floors require maintenance. They may have excellent bones, but the colour is out of style, or they have lost their lustre. There might even be a significant surface impairment.

Select Focus Cleaning to be your hardwood refinishing contractor if that describes you. Before talking about installing new flooring, our finishers make every effort to protect the current hardwood flooring, regardless of the condition of the floor. In certain cases, restoring the sheen and vitality of the hardwood only requires sanding it down, staining it a different colour, or performing a hardwood refinishing job. Pre-installed hardwood flooring gets new life from these easy maintenance chores.

In contrast to other floor refinishing businesses, Focus Cleaning preserves the aesthetic appeal of traditional hardwood floors in addition to denouncing them. We work hard to preserve your current flooring so that it continues to tell incredible stories, whether you need dents and scratches sanded down or a colour restrain applied.

Our clients frequently inquire as to why they should use our service rather than just buy some polish or floor cleaner. Applying a sealer or polish over scratches, scuffs, and general wear and tear that has accumulated over time will only highlight these flaws, depending on how old the floor is. Our refinishing service for hardwood floors removes the top layer and smoothen out any flaws. Our refinishing agents will seal the surface, giving the colour and texture a brand-new appearance.

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Turn drab floors into stunning ones with a long-lasting!

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