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Grout in showers and countertops with tiled surfaces frequently becomes missing, discoloured, or broken. With the help of our expert tile regrouting services, the surface can regain its original appearance. Any tiled area can look more elegant and refreshed by having the old grout removed and replaced by Focus Cleaning. Don’t let worn-out grout detract any longer from the appearance of your tiles.

Along with having a brand-new appearance, the surface will also have an extended lifespan. You will be able to use the space for a longer amount of time after your Richmond Hill tile regrouting services are completed because they will create a waterproof area that can prolong the newly regrouted areas’ lives for many years.

There are additional health advantages to refinishing tile. Eliminating any mould, debris, mildew, and other materials will help you prevent potentially serious respiratory problems. Additionally, you won’t need to use any of the strong chemicals that are usually needed to remove stubborn mould. So, when should you replace the grout on your tiled surfaces? It’s time to redo your grout if it is crumbling, discoloured, or cracked.

Tile regrouting services significantly improve the appearance, as if you had replaced the tile, saving you time and money compared to trying to re-tile the entire surface. A technician will use tools of the trade to remove the old grout from around the tiles and replace it in the spaces between the tiles. Anywhere in your condo that has tile, including the shower, bathroom, kitchen counters, floors, balconies, and fireplaces, can be rerouted. Is it possible to apply fresh grout over previously installed grout? Before applying any new grout, we highly advise you to remove the old, defective grout.

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  • Inspection before fixing
  • Getting Rid of Old Grout
  • Configuring the Subfloor 
  • Selecting and Blending Grout   
  • Applying Grout  
  • Grout Cleaning and Removal