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Cracked tiles, dingy grout—don’t settle for an outdated look! At Focus Cleaning, we offer comprehensive tile replacement services in Oshawa, restoring your floors to their former glory. Our experienced tile installers can handle any replacement project, from small repairs to complete overhauls. Whether you want to update the tiles in your bathroom or give your kitchen a fresh new look, our team is equipped to handle it all. With a wide range of tile options to choose from, we can help you find the perfect style and design that suits your taste and complements your space.

We meticulously assess your needs, choosing the perfect tiles to match your existing style or update your space. Rest assured, our skilled technicians ensure flawless installations, leaving your floors smooth and beautiful. We go beyond simply swapping tiles. Our team is experienced in tackling any tile project, from intricate mosaic patterns to large-scale installations. Additionally, we offer expert advice on maintenance and care to ensure your newly tiled space remains stunning for years to come.

Our grout restoration process involves removing and replacing old, stained grout and caulk with fresh, vibrant material. Deep cleaning your tiles will eliminate dirt and grime, revealing their true shine. Sealing the grout and slate tiles using eco-friendly methods, protecting them from future wear and tear.

Want a dramatic change? We can completely transform your space by resurfacing your existing tiles and changing the grout colour! Our premium restoration sealer ensures durability and lasting beauty. Don’t risk DIY disasters; trust the professionals at Focus Cleaning. Our expertise, coupled with the latest restoration techniques, guarantees exceptional results. Contact us today to see what quality tile replacement services we offer!

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Are wet floors a hassle? We will swap out that sag!

  • Planning and Evaluating
  • Projects removing the tiles and installing the subfloor
  • Tile Selection and Design Layout
  • Installing Tiles
  • Grout Maintenance and Accentuations
  • Trash removal and cleaning