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Does your once-beautiful hardwood floor look dull, scratched, or worn? Revive its natural warmth and elegance with professional refinishing from Focus Cleaning. Our Oshawa-based team is an expert in commercial floor restoration, serving the entire Canadian region. Over the years, our skills and abilities have been developed and refined, resulting in exceptional results in our field. With the newest methods and premium materials, we can turn your hardwood floor refinishing into a breathtaking focal point for your room. Regardless of the state of your hardwood floor, you can rely on Focus Cleaning to restore its allure.

We utilize high-speed machinery to gently sand your floors down to bare wood, removing years of wear and tear. Our skilled technicians then apply multiple coats of premium finish, meticulously chosen to match your desired sheen, and protect your floors for years to come. Whether you prefer a high-gloss shine or a subtle satin finish, we’ll achieve your vision with precision and care.

We understand that refinishing can be disruptive, so we go above and beyond to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. We communicate openly, minimize dust and mess, and treat your office space with the utmost respect. Our commitment to exceeding expectations has earned us the trust of countless families in Oshawa, making us their go-to choice for hardwood floor restoration.

Don’t settle for outdated floors. Invest in a transformation that will last. Contact Focus Cleaning and discover the difference professional floor refinishing services in Oshawa can make. We’ll bring your hardwood floors back to life, creating a beautiful and inviting space you’ll cherish for years to come.

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To remove scuffs and scratches, refinish those catches!

  • Surface Readiness  
  • Applying Stains  
  • Completely fill out the application
  • Polishing  
  • Buffing  
  • Small Adjustments Upkeep