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Sometimes, the grout surrounding your shower or floors is what needs to be professionally cleaned or regrouted, not the tile itself, which can appear worn out and unclean. Regrouting services are an affordable way to extend the life of your tiles and make them look better. If the tiles are intact—that is, not chipped or cracked—regrouting will give the installation an almost brand-new appearance!

Depending on the size of the area, regrouting services in Oshawa can take two to six hours and require the right equipment and supplies. More grout is needed in larger areas or with smaller tiles. You have various choices when it comes to grouting, including colour and type of sealant. Usually, it’s a two-step procedure that starts with the old grout being removed. The right tools, force, and scraping will be needed to remove this old grout because it will be hard. An oscillating tool is a tool with a quickly rotating blade that, when held near the tile edges, slightly loosens and crumbles old grout.

Use a utility blade or a flat-head screwdriver to manually chip away tough areas; avoid forcing the grinding process. It’s time to remove the dust and debris with a vacuum once all the grout has been removed.

Apply fresh grout to the tiles and wipe them down. Grout comes in dry powder or premixed pastes. Mix dry powder with water, then apply grout paste with a triangle trowel. For premixed grout, apply, level, remove excess, clean, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to seal seams and scrape off excess.

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