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If over time your tiles have become chipped, broken, cracked, falling out, or faded, Focus Cleaning specialists can restore them or replace them. Certain tiles can be reglued so that the grout line is hidden; other tiles may need to be replaced entirely and grouted. Having extra tiles beneath the office space is crucial in case repairs are needed. To purchase the tiles, we will need to complete your job, get in touch with one of your local tile suppliers first if you do not already have the extra tiles needed.

To fix any area—internal or external—quickly and effectively, we stock a variety of adhesives, grouts, and sealants, in addition to top-notch equipment for tile replacement services in Mississauga. Therefore, get in touch with Focus Cleaning if that one broken tile is ruining the entire room’s appearance. We’ll make sure it gets replaced or fixed quickly. Although we don’t supply tiles, please make sure you have the extras you’ll need.

Even though you can fix broken tile yourself, hiring a professional is usually a better idea. It’s very easy to misread instructions, use the wrong tools and adhesives, break more tiles, or damage or replace art tiles. Apart from Mississauga tile replacement on level surfaces, a proficient tiler is also adept at replacing tile on curved surfaces and can effortlessly cut tile to fit precisely around fixtures with irregular shapes.

If for no other reason than that, think about hiring a pro because, barring luck, you’ll spend roughly the same amount to obtain the same outcome if you don’t already have the necessary equipment. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable tilers at Focus Cleaning can help you replace your indoor and outdoor tiles, as well as any broken or damaged tiles.

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With a brand-new slab, from plain to stylish!

  • Professional tile removal
  • Subfloor arrangement
  • A new collection of tiles
  • Expert tile installation
  • Grout and sealant application
  • Last-minute examination and cleaning