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Repairing damages and joints, as well as situations where the tile is loose or falling off, require regrouting. When grout is so discoloured that cleaning alone isn’t enough to bring it back to its original state, regrouting might also be necessary. To remove all the dirt from the ground, a scrubber or strong water pressure is used in conjunction with a specific chemical.

Cracking and flaking grout around wet areas, like bathtubs, showers, basins, kitchen sinks, etc., is one of the most frequent issues we see. The issue is that, if you don’t fix it, water will quickly seep into the floor and into the gaps and crevices around corners, causing irreversible damage to your office spaces and making it mouldy and unhealthy. Not only will solving these issues at the outset improve the grout’s appearance, but it may also prevent significant disruption and future repair costs from rising.

Perform some research before replacing any damaged grout. Grout that is crumbling or cracked frequently suggests that the substrate has moved, shrunk, or cracked. Grout that is spongy or discoloured could indicate that there is a water leak in a wall or shower pan. Tile regrouting is merely a band-aid fix if the underlying issue is not resolved.

Regrouting services in Mississauga are necessary for repairing damaged floors, depending on the extent of the work. For small sections, use fingers to push new grout into gaps. For severe damage, remove the old grout completely. Be cautious to avoid chipping tiles and removing thin grout lines. Focus Cleaning can also apply an indoor or outdoor grout sealer to your grout to help shield it from the black dirt that accumulates over time and gives the impression that it is dirty from heavy traffic. After this process is finished, cleaning and maintenance will be simpler.

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