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Focus Cleaning’s cutting-edge hardwood floor refinishing method is why property owners pick us. For most floors, our method takes less than a day and doesn’t require sanding. Because of this, it’s a fantastic substitute for conventional refinishing. However, many property owners believe that our method is only suitable for floors with minor wear because it does not require sanding. All types of hardwood flooring can benefit from our refinishing process, even severely damaged and old floors.

Deep cuts? Stained wood floors? Distinctive floorboards? Not an issue. When you select Focus Cleaning, our specialists will skillfully restore your hardwood refinishing job. After that, we’ll refinish your floors. Your floors will regain their original colour and shine once we’re done. You might even forget that your floors were ever damaged in the first place after seeing the outcomes.

Hardwood floors can sustain damage over time. At the original finish, foot traffic gradually diminishes. The original colour fades in the sun. Furniture and pets can cause deep gouges and scratches. Your floors will appear ready for a finish by the time you work with a hardwood refinishing company. If your floors have this kind of damage, you might believe that sanding them is your only option. However, you can now easily restore your floors without sanding them beforehand, thanks to Focus Cleaning.

Our method uses a liquid abrasion treatment to prepare your floors for refinishing, rather than drum sanding. After this treatment, our technician will screen and fill any deep stains, scratches, or gaps that are still present on your floor. At this point, we take great care to remove any damage indicators, leaving your floors looking brand new. Focus Cleaning provides water-based, UV-cured, family-friendly hardwood floor refinishing services in Mississauga that require no wood dust, chemical fumes, or lingering odours. The restoration process is also quicker.

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