Keeping your business clean can seem like a challenge. Do you really want to spend your evenings, after everyone has gone home vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning bathrooms? Even if you task your employees with keeping their work areas organized and cleaned, in most cases, the amount of time your employees spend on picking up after themselves will be minimal.

Furthermore, the amount of time your employees or yourself have to spend cleaning, it takes away from concentrating and completing other important business tasks. In other words, your productivity is reduced, therefore, potentially reducing your bottom line. In order to keep your business clean, maintain its appearance, and keep employees productive, the best solution is to look into commercial cleaning services near to your business.

  1. Quality Cleaning with an Attention to Detail
A professional cleaning company specializes in cleaning. While you may think your efforts at doing the minimal amount of cleaning is sufficient, over time, you’re the appearance of your business will start to suffer.When was the last time you dusted or washed your windows? You would be surprised how these areas tend to be overlooked or simply ignored.
  1. Access to Commercial Cleaning Equipment and Products
Commercial cleaners have access to a wide range of equipment, cleaning products, and other items necessary to clean, dust, disinfect, and keep your business looking great! Our cleaning service even provides options for businesses desiring to use eco-friendly cleaning products.
  1. Fewer Employee Absences
A dirty office is a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew. As a result, the transmission of illnesses in greater in an unclean office, compared to one cleaned on a regular basis by a commercial cleaning service.
  1. Access to Customizable and Optional Services

Our cleaning service provides customizable cleaning solutions based upon your needs and requirements. We work directly with you to help you determine what types of cleaning needs to be performed and the recommended intervals for each service we offer.

Our professional cleaning company also offers additional services, such as handyman services, exterior maintenance, painting, carpet repairs, carpet shampooing, hard floor maintenance, and more. By obtaining multiple services your business requires from a single vendor, it eliminates the need to hire other services, which saves your business money.

  1. Flexibility around Your Operating Hours

Your business can be cleaned at time that work the best for you, without having to disrupt your normal working hours, including nights and weekends. Plus, you can rest assured your business is cleaned as promised with our exclusive Focus Cleaning mobile app.

For more information about our commercial cleaning and optional services, please feel free to contact us at 416-283-2561 today!