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The daily foot traffic in your  place of business causes the floors to become dirty. Scrubbing and buffing, however, become ineffective as dirt and debris continue to build up on the floors. Consequently, to restore the shine to your floors, you need to hire professionals for stripping and waxing services.

A comprehensive cleaning procedure is used in professional stripping and waxing services in Oshawa to get rid of all the built-up dirt, grime, and old wax from your floors. This helps preserve their longevity and durability, in addition to restoring their shine. Additionally, a fresh coat of wax creates a shield that shields your floors from harm in the future and makes long-term cleaning and maintenance simpler.

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Focus Cleaning is an all-in-one janitorial service provider in Oshawa and beyond that provides the best floor waxing and stripping solutions. Our team of knowledgeable experts makes sure that all your floors are thoroughly cleaned and stripped before a premium wax is applied. Our meticulous attention to detail and use of premium products ensures outstanding outcomes that will make your floors appear brand new. For all your Oshawa floor stripping needs, put your trust in Focus Cleaning.  

  • High-Speed Buffing
  • Detailing
  • Floor Finishing
  • Stripping Floors
  • Waxing Floors
  • Auto Scrubbing

With decades of experience in this industry, we use the newest tools and equipment to deliver high-quality floor stripping services. The stripping and waxing professionals at Focus Cleaning always provide excellent floor cleaning services to make the floor shine like new, whether it is an industrial, schools, or commercial floor. 

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