For the past year, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc and has impacted businesses the world over. In light of the new guidelines, restaurants, and patios are now being allowed to reopen and a sense of normalcy is beginning to set in. The danger, however, is far from over. 

Restaurant owners, staff, and employees cannot let their guard down and need to follow strict guidelines and protocols in order to be able to successfully run their business without the looming threat of the virus. They need to pay heat to proper cleaning protocols. It is advisable to have professionals for cleaning restaurants in Toronto for reopening after Covid-19. Read on to know the various guidelines and protocols that need to be followed going forward:

Safety and Cleanliness Guidelines for Restaurants for Reopening after Covid-19

Health Screening

Even though vaccinations are ongoing, people visiting the restaurant are to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms. The working staff has to be actively screened before they enter the premises. 

Necessary Measures

Certain steps and measures need to be taken by the restaurant facility to ensure they control the spread of the Corona Virus. These entail:

  • Mask and face coverings are mandatory for persons inside the restaurant that covers their mouth, chin, and nose. 
  • The capacity limit needs to be kept in mind so a minimum of 2-meter distance can be maintained between people and the staff.
  • Patrons should not be able to crowd or congregate outside the restaurant and proper management of lines needs to be in place.

Cleaning and Disinfectant Protocols

One of the key focus areas restaurants need to pay special attention to is to maintain the cleanliness and proper sanitation of the restaurant or eating joint. Here is How restaurants in Toronto should clean their patios during Covid 19:

  • Special attention should be on door handles, seats, cutlery, cash machines, payment pads, bins, and equipment used frequently such as pens, keyboards, phones, etc.
  • Objects posing a high transmission risk should be cleaned multiple times a day in between clients and should be made single-use only.
  • Use soaps and disinfectants to clean surfaces which removes various contaminants and helps reduce the spread of the virus. You can book an appointment with Focus Cleaning which specializes in restaurant cleaning. We will take care of the kitchens, bars, washrooms, dining areas as well as the reception area. 
  • For high-touch surfaces, clean with bleach or a disinfectant with a DIN (drug identification number) as it is approved in Canada. 

How Focus Cleaning will Help Disinfect Your Restaurant when you Reopen Post Covid-19

At Focus Cleaning, we understand that a restaurant has various parts, nooks, and crannies which require thorough, professional cleaning in order to make it completely safe for not just the customers but also the staff.

  • We will pressure clean the facilities using a combination of safe chemicals and high-pressure water to clean away even the slightest grime or debris.
  • Proper sanitization of washrooms will take place along with washing windows, mirrors, urinals, and toilets
  • We will vacuum the waiting and reception areas.
  • Cleaning ducts, filters, and exhaust fans.

Key Focus on Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Focus Cleaning is dedicated to making your kitchen workspace clean, healthy, and safe for employees as well as your patrons. Our team is specialized and well equipped to clean your kitchen and make it ready to meet Covid Safety Guidelines before reopening. Our services include:

  • Degrease all kitchen equipment
  • Dust and clean the ceiling of the kitchen
  • Clean all filters and vents
  • Clean the exhausts to reduce fire hazards and for better odor management
  • Garbage removal
  • Drain grill cleaning
  • Clean refrigerators and walk-in coolers
  • Polish all stainless steel

These are just some of the various cleaning duties we will perform in the kitchen space. A clean kitchen will encourage the employees and boost their confidence that they work in a healthy environment. Leave the job to professionals and let us take over to provide you kitchen that meets the Covid-19 safety protocols.

In order to be completely safe and make your restaurant and patio safe for dining in a post-pandemic world, Focus Cleaning is your choice of cleaning service. You can contact us at 647-532-2730 or reach out to us using a form to let us know your requirements. Let’s make restaurant and dining a safe experience for everyone!