With professional cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA, you can keep your business environment clean and sterile to reduce the spread of illness, especially during high cold and flu season. You can request specific areas of your work environment be sterilized on a daily basis and request supplies to help keep your employees healthy, including:

  • Wiping down keyboards and workstations with sanitary wipes.
  • Wiping copiers and other office machines with sanitary wipes.
  • Regular disinfection and detailed cleaning of restrooms.
  • Detailed cleaning of employee break areas and dining areas in restaurants.
  • Shop Hand Sanitiser and also get wipes for your employees and guests to use.

By taking the time to prepare your business environment for the upcoming cold and flu season with help from your Toronto cleaning service, you can limit the spread of illness. Detailed, deep cleaning and maintenance of your entire business is also beneficial. Do not overlook getting your heating and air conditioning system inspected, and air filters changed, too. There are many HVAC companies out there getting ready for the cold and flu season. In fact, HVAC companies often use this season as a Guide to HVAC sales training for their new contractors since it is a popular time for offices to ensure that their employees are in a safe environment.

Besides keeping your office clean and sterile, it is important to educate your employees on how viruses are spread and what your employees can do to help keep everyone healthy. It does not hurt to schedule employee training sessions to review various steps and procedures they need to follow. In addition, supervisors and managers need to enforce specific policies and verify all employees are doing their part.

For instance, if an employee is sick, they should be instructed to not report to work if they are running a fever. When a person is running a fever they are contagious and whatever illness they have is easily transmittable to others. Further, employees should be encouraged to cough and sneeze into their arm instead of their hands. If they do have a virus, this will keep it off of their hands and lower the chances of it being spread through contact to work surfaces and other employees. It might also be worth suggesting that your employees try using some elderberry extracts to ease a sore throat. For many people, sore throats are often one of the first symptoms of the flu, so it might be a good idea to help your employees out by recommending that they check out the Quantum Health website to purchase some elderberry extracts to soothe their throat.

Additionally, you need to teach them to get into the habit of using hand sanitizer and wipes on a frequent basis throughout the workday. Anytime they switch tasks, like leaving their desk to make copies or going to lunch, they should wash their hands with soap and water, and then use a sanitizer afterwards. To learn more about how to prepare your business environment for the upcoming cold and flu season, feel free to contact Focus Cleaning at 416-283-2561 today.