professionally clean an office or workspace quite regularly as dirt and grime can build up quickly without it even being noticed. Scheduling a detailed cleaning of your business in the spring not only revitalizes your office, but helps ensure furniture, flooring, carpeting, and more, are properly maintained and last longer.

Carpet Cleaning

Over the winter months, even with regular scheduled carpet cleaning, the carpeted areas inside your building were exposed to snow, water, and salt, as well as dirt and mud. This grime works its way deep down into the carpet fibers where normal vacuuming does not get it out. In the spring, getting the carpeting professionally steamed cleaned helps release all of this trapped dirt.

Regular carpet cleaning not only extends the life of the carpet, but also eliminates often dingy looking winter carpeting, while restoring its vibrant appearance. In addition, any carpet damage previously hidden is discovered and can be addressed to keep you walkways safe for your employees and customers.

Hardwood and Tile Flooring Cleaning

Another area of your Toronto area office building that is probably due a detailed cleaning are the tiled and hardwood floors. Over the winter months, just like your carpeted areas, water, snow, dirt, mud, and salt were tracked over the flooring. While regular mopping helped to maintain a clean appearance, smaller particles of dirt and debris could easily be hiding in the grout in between tile or in between small cracks between hardwood boards. Having the floors professionally cleaned, stripped, and resealed restores their appearance and ensures they are able to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Interior and Exterior Painting/Staining

There can be specific areas indoors that could stand a fresh coat of paint. Not to mention the exterior of your building was exposed to a variety of winter elements which could have caused the paint to fade. Reapplying a few coats in the existing or a new colour to the exterior of your building often makes a big difference on the type of first impressions you make with your customers, clients, and vendors.

Detailed Office Cleaning

A Toronto professional cleaning service can even take care of moving filing cabinets, desks, and other office equipment so that baseboards, and the areas underneath these objects are detailed cleaned. They will even wash the interior and exterior of all windows while checking the caulking around them to ensure it does not need repaired, if window washing is not already part of your regular cleaning services. In addition, air vents, lamps, overhead light fixtures, and other “hard-to-reach” areas are dusted and cleaned. You can also request to have wooden chairs, desks, and furniture deep cleaned and refreshed with a wood conditioning treatment.

Taking the time to ensure all areas of your Toronto area business, restaurant, or office is properly spring cleaned by a professional cleaning company, helps restore the beauty of interior and exterior areas to create an inviting appearance. Best of all, you are free to customize and personalize value-added spring cleaning services either as one-time solutions, or as part of your regular cleaning contract agreement.

For more information about detailed cleaning, painting, maintenance, and other spring cleaning solutions for your business, contact the experienced and professional cleaning service technicians at Focus Cleaning Toronto today by calling 416-283-2561 and requesting your free quote.