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Are you tired of the construction of your commercial or industrial structure? Is the contractor’s work sloppy? Focus Cleaning provides complete post-construction cleaning, including debris removal, floor washing, and carpet cleaning. Leave the dust to us! With effective cleaning procedures, timely execution, and professional standards, our firm will ensure that your building is done and ready to open to the public.

Once our teams get on the job site, that annoying construction dust won’t stand a chance. We provide complete debris removal and guarantee that neither you nor your clients will be inconvenienced by leftover post-construction dust that collects in crevices. Our services include wall, light, ledge, sill, door, window, blind, fixture, ceiling, carpet, and ventilation system cleaning to guarantee your freshly built business is spotless and to remove any remaining dust.

Your renovation job is finally finished! All that remains is to remove the heavy dust, because if thick layers of building dirt remain, you’re effectively living in the middle of a construction site. Focus Cleaning is here to help you enjoy your freshly renovated space by providing expert post-renovation cleaning services.

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Post-Construction Clean-Up Services:

Remember, post-construction cleaning isn’t just about removing debris; it’s about claiming your victory. So grab your cleaning tools, lace up your warrior boots, and prepare to reclaim your dream office. The battle, though fierce, will be oh-so-sweetly won.

  • High dusting of main pipes (white ones)
  • Cleaning all ledges, corners, walls and baseboards
  • All high-level fixtures and vents cleaned
  • Interior and exterior cleaning of windows, glasses and frames
  • Remove gum/glue from the glass and fixtures
  • Remove construction debris
  • Thoroughly sweep and mop floors, remove paint spots
  • Dust and clean kitchen countertops, sinks, shelves (inside and outside)
  • Clean kitchen and washroom drains and grills of any blockage
  • Vacuum out all heating/cooling ducts outside and vacuum all carpeted floor areas
  • Spot clean wall surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner, clean handrail with disinfectant cleaner
  • Wipe tops of all electrical outlet covers to remove micro-dust settlements
  • Clean, sanitize, disinfect, and polish all restroom fixtures including porcelain surfaces, toilet bowls, urinals, hand basins/counters, plumbing fixtures, glass and mirrors in three washrooms
  • Polish and shine all steel, brass, copper and other metal fixtures

Areas We Specialize In:

  • Condominiums
  • Custom-Built Malls
  • Commercial Renovations
  • Park Renovations
  • Retail Space Cleaning

When our fully licensed cleaners arrive, we remove all waste, including dust, wood chips, filth, paint, and debris. All areas are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected. Focus Cleaning can handle the cleaning, heavy dust removal from walls, mopping, ledge trim, and more! We put the finishing touches on your mall so you can move in and begin decorating and personalizing it to your liking. Our post-renovation cleaning services in Mississauga and the nearby areas are for newly built or recently renovated properties. Our skilled cleaners pay close attention to detail and take great care when cleaning. We will thoroughly clean your space from top to bottom, removing all dust and filth. Get in touch to book our crew right away!

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