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Focus Cleaning prioritizes your well-being above anything else. That is why, when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning in Richmond Hill, we go above and beyond. We use only the most sophisticated cleaning chemicals and methods, which are chosen not only for their efficacy but also for their contribution to a healthier environment for you and your family.

We realize how important carpets are in your living area. They play an important role in your comfort and well-being and keeping them clean is essential for good indoor air quality. That is why we use the cleaning process used by the world’s top carpet and upholstery manufacturers. This industry-backed method not only produces excellent results, but it also helps to protect your carpet’s guarantee and extend its life.

Our skilled crew begins by thoroughly inspecting your carpet using our carpet cleaning services to find any stains, pet dander, or allergies that may be lying beneath the surface. Then, we employ cutting-edge technology to provide a thorough and gentle clean, eliminating deeply ingrained filth, grime, and allergies without damaging the delicate fibres. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions are designed to be harsh on filth and soft on your carpets and upholstery, leaving them clean and refreshed.

The advantages of hiring Focus Cleaning for your carpet cleaning services in Richmond Hill extend beyond spotless carpets. We focus on your health and well-being by providing a cleaner, healthier indoor atmosphere in which you can breathe comfortably. With our dedication to cutting-edge technology, manufacturer-approved processes, and eco-friendly solutions, you can be confident that your carpets are not only receiving a thorough cleaning but also contributing to a healthier condo for your family.

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Office and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Deep steam cleaning of carpets
    • Thoroughly vacuum the carpets
    • Spot cleaning for stains from the carpets
    • Separate treatment for the type of stains like coffee, blood, food, grease, etc.
  • Shampoo clean
  • Hot water extract
  • Disinfectant and odor out treatment
  • Carpet stain protector application