Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, keeping your workplace clean from top to bottom and front to back is vital if you want to make a good first impression.

It is even more true when you realize that maximum visitors will never make it past the front doors and reception area. Potential clients will be turned away at first sight if these places aren’t spotless. A shabby office demonstrates disrespect for both clients and visitors.

Above all, a clean workplace is critical for everyone’s health and safety. A healthy and safe work environment may also aid to increase productivity and morale, which leads to increased business growth.

An A-Z Deep Cleaning Guide For Your Office

Deep Cleaning General Office Areas

The most essential thing in general office spaces like the reception or lobby, and individual cubicles, is to get rid of clutter initially. Before any professional cleaning services can begin, old equipment, furniture and data should be recycled, shredded, or thrown away as needed.

Then it’s time for the first task: dusting. Remember to clean the tops of light fixtures and cupboards, as well as the spaces between the slats of window blinds and the grooves on furniture, which are less apparent. 

Pay special attention to the corners, where dust clumps may accumulate. Don’t forget to disinfect high-touch devices and surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, fingerprint scanners, and shared telephones after cleaning.

You can sweep and clean the floor in one go if you dust from the top down. After you’ve finished dusting, go on to professional cleaning services above the floor. Clean the windows, dust or vacuum chairs and other furniture, and wipe down computer equipment.

Then, before cleaning the floor, vacuum the rugs and sweep them to eliminate any dust. Two passes are ideal: one for “washing” and one for “rinsing.” To avoid smudges and streaks, make sure to properly dry the floor.

Deep Cleaning Office Bathroom

The sinks, toilet bowls, and urinals are the most crucial parts of the workplace bathroom to maintain cleanliness. Use the necessary products and allow them to rest according to the manufacturer’s directions before scrubbing and thoroughly rinsing.

The stall doors, particularly the handles, must also be cleaned and disinfected through professional cleaning services. 

Mirrors, which are frequently splashed with water, should be cleaned as well. Countertops, switches, paper towel holders, and other solid surfaces should all be cleaned and disinfected.

After that, sweep and mop the floors, take the garbage, and replace the bag in the trash can. Restock any supplies that need to be refilled, such as toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, and hygiene products, after everything is gleaming.

How Often Deep Cleaning Needed?

Deep cleaning is usually done in conjunction with your normal office cleaning routine. It happens every three months or so on average.

Various concealed surfaces, ceilings, and light fixtures will be cleaned during professional cleaning services. Disinfection, dusting, and vacuuming are common deep cleaning tasks.

Focus Cleaning deep cleaners often begin at the top, with your ceilings and lighting fixtures, before moving down to your walls, workstations, and floor.

Deep cleaning would generally cover any kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, staircases, lifts, reception spaces, and patios in addition to your offices.

Before the procedure is completed, an inspection is usually performed to verify that nothing has been overlooked.

Do You Need Professional Cleaning Services?

Even though your workplace looks to be clean, you might be dealing with mould, dust, and bacteria issues that have been building up in recent months.

Experienced and professional cleaning services specialists can tackle every section of your workplace during a thorough clean, including not just surfaces touched by employees several times a day. But also corners and workstations that aren’t utilized as often.

Cleaning the workplace may be exhausting; just thinking about it can make you exhausted. Nonetheless, it’s an important task that will benefit everyone. For the best results, get Focus Cleaning specialists to do it for you, and create a guide similar to this one so that the entire property may be cleaned to your exact requirements. Contact us today at 647-532-2730 and reach out to us if you are interested in our services.