Have you recently gotten yourself a new office to work in? Whether you’ve got in contact with someone like Thomas Mensendiek to find space in the Bay Area of San Francisco or you’ve finally made yourself some space within your home. Whatever the case, you will be quite busy with moving your office furniture and organizing your belongings. However, you should also find the time to ensure your working space is as clean as possible. Even though your office may appear brand new, there could be a lot of bacterial remnants carried over from the previous occupant.

Before getting started, you will require a selection of the best cleaning supplies and equipment for your new office. Here are some of the best cleaning supplies you will need to clean up that new office space:

1. Disinfectants

Disinfectants are one of the best office cleaning supplies.

A new office may look clean, but is it thoroughly clean or is it just surface clean? When cleaning the office for the first time, it is critical to get rid of the bacteria and germs by using a disinfectant. It has been scientifically proven that disinfectants aid in killing about 99 percent of bacteria and viruses.

If you decide to clean your office using a sponge, it may get rid of dirt and even some germs, but it won’t address the entire problem. Always remove the dirt and grime before disinfecting a dirty surface. It makes no sense to disinfect a grimy surface. Disinfectants should always be used alongside regular cleaners.

2. Brooms

Brooms are one of the best office cleaning supplies.

Brooms are one of the best cleaning supplies for any offices. There are various types and configurations of brooms designed to deal with different challenges and floor surfaces. Some brooms are made of natural fibres such as straw or hair, while others are made from synthetic fibres. Always ensure you are using the right broom when cleaning.

For example, a typical straw broom cannot deal with high moisture. It can, therefore, provide potential ground for the growth of mould and mildew. You may want to consider the fact that a large bristle push broom might not be effective in cleaning along walls, in which case a flexible and softer type of broom is recommended.

3. Mops

In an office setting, it is important to regularly mop and sweep floors since they are mostly awash with germs. The office floors are exposed to everything that comes into possible contact with shoes, along with anything else that finds its way onto the floor. Mopping ensures that the floor stays sanitized.

Some allergies, such as those caused by dust build-up on a floor, are a common occurrence in establishments where the floor is not regularly mopped. Mopping prevents such allergies and ensures your floor is spotlessly clean.

When the office floors are clean, your clients will get the impression that you are intentional in the provision of quality, efficient services. A dirty office floor says much about the person occupying the office, since it may be indicative of poor management and organization.

4. Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are one of the best office cleaning supplies.

Vacuum cleaners are fitted with powerful motors that suck all unwanted elements on floor surfaces and in the air. It is more effective and efficient to use a vacuum cleaner to clean surfaces. Wash and shampoo cleaners are ideal for cleaning carpets while steam cleaners are recommended when disinfecting surfaces.

5. Towels

Towels are one of the best office cleaning supplies.

The best quality towels are made from cotton fabric or cotton threads. Cotton is gentle to use. It is also highly absorbent. Towels are the best cleaning supplies for drying up surfaces such as your desktop or shelves. A towel can absorb moisture through a blotting or rubbing motion. Paper towels can also be used in commercial or office bathrooms by users to wipe hands.

6. Trash Bags

Trash bags are one of the best office cleaning supplies.

Trash bags are the best cleaning supplies for disposing garbage or waste products. They are used as liners in waste containers or trash cans. Using trash bags is a convenient and effective way of handling trash. The waste collected in these bags may be dry or wet. The bags lock in bad odours emanating from the garbage.

Trash bags come in either high or low density. For offices, high-density trash bags are recommended. They are typically thinner than the low-density bags and are not puncture-resistance.

7. Trash Cans

Trash cans are one of the best office cleaning supplies.

An office generates all manner of trash and garbage, which will require careful handling to maintain a clean environment. An office looks cleaner and neater with designated points for disposing of waste. However, it is unseemly to have overflowing trash cans, whether outside or inside your office area. The trash cans should be regularly emptied. To ensure the garbage stays intact within the trash can, always make sure the container is of the right size.

8. Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are one of the best office cleaning supplies.

Air fresheners keep offices smelling good since they emit a pleasant fragrance. They are also the best cleaning supplies for masking or neutralizing bad odours, such as those emanating from the trash cans. Air fresheners liven an office and give it a fresh fragrance. If you are having a long, dreary day at the office, a sudden burst of fresh air could be just what you need to change the mood and activate your productivity.