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In order to run a successful hotel, maintaining the room hygiene should be one of your top priorities. This includes keeping the hotel bathrooms as clean as possible. When most guests enter their hotel room, the first facility that they examine is usually the bathroom. Is the toilet clean? What does the shower look like? The cleanliness of your hotel bathroom is so important for creating a good first impression. If there is an issue with the plumbing that will need to be sorted as soon as possible. Looking into services such as can help sort any problems out in no time.


Cleaning a hotel bathroom requires systematic planning. The key is to make sure every surface is thoroughly cleaned. This might require the use of a checklist to indicate which areas have been cleaned and which sections demand more attention. Since the room occupancy in your hotel is impacted by the state of the bathrooms, it’s critical to keep these areas clean. Dirty bathrooms attract bad reviews from disgruntled guests and may dissuade others from staying in your hotel.

When a hotel room is clean, your guests will feel more satisfied with their overall stay and experience. If you want to clean a hotel bathroom diligently, below are ten tips and tasks to share with your cleaning staff:


Tip #1: Vacuum the hotel bathroom.

Vacuum the hotel bathroom.

Sweeping does not guarantee all the loose dirt on the floor and corners of a bathroom is picked up. Using a vacuum cleaner will give you better results as it sucks up all the dirt and dust from the floor, crevices and corners. No unsightly hair will be left around after vacuuming. Make sure you vacuum every space, including some of the more difficult-to-reach areas.


Tip #2: Dust the surfaces.

The best cloth to use for this task is a microfibre cloth, which is made with a durable and lint-free synthetic fibre. This is quite effective in getting rid of most dirt, dust, oils or grease, and bacteria. Remember to dust down all the bathroom shelves and surfaces. You should also wipe off the light fixtures in the bathroom as well.


Tip #3: Use hot water for cleaning.

Heated surfaces are easy to clean. Fill the tub and sink with warm water and let it sit for a few minutes before washing. The heat from the hot water will warm up the tiles and the surfaces. This weakens the stains and makes cleaning the hotel bathroom easier. In addition, the heat kills bacteria that often accumulate on bathroom surfaces.


Tip #4: Use the right cleaning products.

The right cleaning products can go a long way in keeping the hotel bathroom clean. Bleaching also works, but it can be toxic. Instead, there are excellent non-toxic cleaning products that do an equally good job. Products with oxy cleaners (such as hydrogen peroxide) are terrific at cleaning and brightening spots without leaving behind a chocking toxic smell.


Tip #5: Spray and wait.

Spray and wait

Most people spray their cleaning products and immediately wipe the surface, but this isn’t necessarily the best technique. For more effective cleaning, your cleaning staff should apply the cleaning agent on the surfaces and let it sit for about ten minutes. Waiting some time allows the dirt to gradually loosen from the surfaces. Make sure to spray the cleaner on all bathroom surfaces, starting from the top to bottom. You should also spray all the corners and crevices. Do the same for the toilet bowl and seat.


Tip #6: Scrub and wipe.

Scrub and wipe

There is a lot of scrubbing involved when you clean a hotel bathroom. First, use a non-abrasive scratchpad to scrub the bathroom surfaces clean. Then, use a toilet brush to scrub the toilet bowl. Next, scrub underneath the rim. Proceed to clean the toilet seat, cover, and cistern. Your next task would be to scrub the bathtub, scrub the bathroom walls, and scrub the shower walls. It’s also important to make sure that the custom glass shower door is clean too. These doors are often used by hotels as they are much easier to clean because they are less likely to develop mold. However, it’s still important that the shower doors are cleaned properly. Finally, check the showerhead to ensure the water flows out smoothly.


Tip #7: Rinse and dry.

Rinse and dry

Once the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, rinse them to remove any leftover dirt and grime. This critical step ensures no cleaner residue is left, since this could accumulate and result in dirt buildup over time. A good rinse also ensures the hotel bathroom does not smell of chemicals or bleach if used. Once this is done, dry the surfaces using clean cloths to prevent water marks from forming. Use different fabrics for different areas, such as one cloth for the toilet and another for the bathtub.


Tip #8: Clean the hotel bathroom mirrors.

Clean the hotel bathroom mirrors

A dirty mirror is easy to spot and can be quite a turn-off in any hotel bathroom. Use a good glass cleaner to spray the mirror. Next, wipe it with a clean, damp cloth before drying with a clean microfibre cloth. This will dry the mirror without leaving streaks behind.


Tip #9: Clean the hotel bathroom floors.

Clean the hotel bathroom floors.

Once all the bathroom surfaces are clean, it’s time to clean the floor. Start from the furthest end of the bathroom and clean backwards towards the door. This way, you won’t step over the already cleaned areas. Scrub the floor if necessary and rinse it clean before drying with a mop. Steam mops can also be used to clean the floor thoroughly.


Tip #10: Replace the towels and bathmats.

Replace the towels and bathmats.

After the bathroom is thoroughly cleaned and dry, replace the guest towels with clean ones. Keep them neatly folded or hang them on the towel rail. Replace the bathmat and other floor covers with clean ones.