As the new season approaches, cleaning your office is an important task in your to-do list. With the temperature getting warmer, there may be increased foot traffic around the office. There may also be a plethora of germs that gets introduced to office spaces at the start of every season. Since the office is an important part of your business image, maintaining the hygiene and upkeep of the working space should be a top priority.

For many businesses, office spring cleaning can be an intensive and time-consuming task. However, cleaning the office doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This process is easily simplified and expedited if you prepare a plan beforehand. There are many office spring cleaning tips in the preparation stages, which you can use to save your cleaning time dramatically.

Below are ten office spring cleaning tips and protocols for the new season:

Tip #1: Divide the office into sections

One of the office spring cleaning tips is to divide the office into sections.

Before you perform the spring cleaning, you should divide the office into different sections. This technique will help you identify which areas of the office need the most attention. Depending on the size of the office, this will also help you determine the amount of cleaning supplies and cleaning services required for the task. The best way to divide your office up is to use cubicles and workstations as not only do they make cleaning easier, they also make for a better working environment for staff. Plus it’s easy to see who’s taking care of their part of the office and who’s making a mess.

So start cleaning each office section one by one. Do not begin cleaning another office section until you are done cleaning the current section. If you do not divide the office into sections beforehand, you will end up wasting a lot of time and maybe miss some spots in the office.

Tip #2: Clean your desk

One of the office spring cleaning tips is to clean your desk.

Once you have a plan established, it’s time to commence the office spring cleaning. Many people begin the process by cleaning their office desks. The only items that should be on your desk are your most valuable and important items. These include laptops, computers, phones, notepads and pens.

If your desk has drawers, make sure they only contain your most current or important documents. The idea here is to have anything you might need at arm’s reach.

Tip #3: Clean your furniture

One of the office spring cleaning tips is to clean your furniture.

The beginning of a new season is the perfect time to clean your furniture. For this office cleaning task, you should wait until everyone has left the office. While cleaning your office, use a disinfectant to wipe down all the surfaces, dust your shelves, and polish the furniture. Consider making this a regular weekly, monthly, or seasonal routine to avoid having dirt accumulate over time.

Tip #4: Clean your floors

One of the office spring cleaning tips is to clean your floors.

Spring is the season of rain and mud, so cleaning the floors is an important part of any office spring cleaning project. Give the floor a quick clean when people take their lunch break or tea break, or any other time someone leaves their workstation. This way, you eliminate any chance of dirt building up in the office.

For the best results, using a professional office cleaning company is recommended. For instance, you can have the office cleaners do the general floor cleaning once or twice a week, depending on what you find suitable for your business.

Tip #5: Clean from top to bottom

One of the office spring cleaning tips is to clean from top to bottom.

Cleaning from top to bottom simply refers to a systematic approach to cleaning your office. It does not make sense to vacuum a room first and then dust it afterwards. The dust will simply fall back onto the floor and will need to be re-vacuumed. To avoid doing the same office cleaning job twice, plan your tasks accordingly and establish a logical order of events. In this case, you should dust the room before vacuuming it.

Tip #6: Organize your paperwork

One of the office spring cleaning tips is to organize your paperwork.

The idea of a paperless office is appealing, but it will take time before it becomes a reality. It requires digitization of all your business processes and eliminate the use of paper in the whole facility. However, a more feasible solution is to find ways to keep the paperwork organized and regulated. You can do this by creating room on a cabinet or bookshelf for the number of papers that need storage.

Next, divide the papers into category groups, such as a group labelled as “to be filed” and another group labelled as “to do.” After categorizing the various groups, store the documents into the appropriate paper trays or file boxes.

Tip #7: Designate an area for supplies

One of the office spring cleaning tips is to designate an area for supplies

It is common to find office stationery and supplies on almost every desk in many offices. However, these supplies are rarely used on a regular basis. Over time, the items make your desk look very untidy and unkempt. To avoid this, assign a special bin or drawer for the specific use of organizing your office supplies. Leave only the items you frequently use on your desk and throw out everything else.

Tip #8: Find a place for temporary items

One of the office spring cleaning tips is to find a place for temporary items.

Temporary items may define items such as magazines and trade publications. To avoid mixing them with other important documents or client files, assign a designated area for these items. When the temporary items are put in one designated place, you can monitor the accumulation as they stack up. This gives you time to decide which files to dispose, especially the older editions.

Tip #9: Organize your computer

One of the office spring cleaning tips is to organize your computer.

Office spring cleaning also involves organizing and tidying your virtual desktop. The best approach is to file documents you are likely to use again. If there are old documents that you don’t need, these files should head into the virtual recycle bin. This not only clears your desktop, but it also saves you many hours you would have spent searching for crucial documents.

Tip #10: Eliminate clutter

One of the office spring cleaning tips is to eliminate clutter.

To always keep your office clean and tidy, you will have to do more than just clean it. You need to adopt a habit of making sure everything is in place at any given time. If you are prone to cluttering your workspace, spring is a good season to start a new person resolution and adopt better cleaning habits. Remind yourself to only keep the most essential belongings and discard any unnecessary clutter from your work area.