Tile Replacement

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Have fading glass, chips, or cracks destroyed the gorgeous look of your hotel? Has one broken tile completely come loose? Don’t allow broken ones to take away from the elegance of your hotel or place of business. Your best bet for all tiling-related problems is Focus Cleaning. We provide comprehensive tile replacement services to every area of the city and its expansive suburbs. We service every suburb in Etobicoke.

Every scenario is different. An unskilled eye would hardly notice the seam that results from carefully piecing together a piece that has split or cracked. In other cases, they may be irreparably damaged and will require renewal. After tile replacement, our crew will add a new grout layer to the existing mosaic to make the transition look seamless.

To achieve the best results, we suggest keeping a supply of extra ones on hand at your location. This enables us to guarantee that it will precisely blend in with your current work. If you don’t already have extras, we advise contacting your neighborhood suppliers to get the precise ones you need for the repair.

We equip ourselves with the best tools available, as well as an extensive selection of premium grouts, sealants, and adhesives. This makes it possible for us to quickly and effectively complete repairs, whether they are needed inside or outside. Our goal is to ensure that your  hotel’s aesthetic integrity is maintained with the least amount of disturbance to your everyday routine.

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Leaking floors a drag? We'll replace that sag!

  • Expert tile elimination
  • Subfloor configuration
  • A fresh set of tiles
  • Competent installation of tiles
  • Application of grout and sealant
  • Final-minute inspection and cleaning