Transit Agency Cleaning

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The keys to a successful transit agency cleaning operation are availability and flexibility. At Focus Cleaning, we are aware that quick vehicle turnaround times are essential for smooth operations in the transportation sector.  We make sure that professionals with the necessary training are on hand around-the-clock to meet deadlines and maintain a high standard of finish for our clients, whether we are cleaning buses, rail cars, or airplanes. 

A cleaning operator may travel on trains as part of their job to be more accessible in the event of an emergency. Obtaining security clearance for our personnel is frequently necessary for plane cleaning. Additionally, staff members that possess a bus driving license in some of our transit agency cleaning services in Ajax are able to refuel buses following cleaning.  

We can reduce downtime and streamline our operations with this multi-skilled approach. Furthermore, our staff is furnished with cutting-edge cleaning tools and eco-friendly materials to guarantee a comprehensive and long-lasting cleaning procedure. This all-encompassing strategy not only guarantees thorough and effective cleaning, but it also strengthens our resolve to preserve the environment. In order to stay current on the newest cleaning methods and safety precautions, our employees also receive regular training, which further improves the calibre of our offerings.  

Special requirements apply to cleaning products and equipment. These consist of heavy-duty equipment for washing exteriors, biodegradable graffiti removers, electrical trolleys, and battery-operated vacuum cleaners. Without utilizing conventional power sources, we can effectively clean the buses’ interiors by using electrical trolleys and battery-operated vacuum cleaners. Our biodegradable graffiti removers put the environment’s health and safety first, in addition to successfully eradicating any undesirable markings. Furthermore, every bus leaves our facility looking clean and presentable, thanks to our powerful exterior washing equipment. 

Our Transit Agency Cleaning Services

Waiting Area

  • Entrance glass door and railings
  • Walls
  • Runner mats
  • TV monitors
  • Check cobwebs
  • Chairs/benches
  • Vents and baseboards
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Phone booths
  • Garbage and recycle bins

Dispatch Room

  • Floors
  • Ledges, tables, counters, seating
  • Garbage and recycle bins
  • Walls and doors
  • Air vents
  • Microwave, kettle and fridge

Bus Platform

  • Floors
  • Under the canopy for coffee stains
  • Garbage and recycle bins
  • Window sills, ledges and seating
  • Shelters
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Check graffiti and unauthorized notices


  • Counters, sinks, faucets and mirrors
  • Doors front and back
  • Toilet base and seat (In/Out)
  • Urinals, partitions
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Air vents
  • Garbage and recycle bins

Parking Lot

  • Floors


  • Elevator enclosure
  • Exterior of elevator
  • Call buttons