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Not every problem or leak calls for major repairs. Sometimes general wear and tear can draw attention to “weak spots,” which are areas where a few individual tiles have deteriorated over time. If the affected tiles are few, we will promptly, safely, and effectively replace the problematic tiles with a like-for-like match using Ajax tile replacement services. This method guarantees that the tile’s overall integrity is preserved without adding needless expenses. Furthermore, by taking quick action to resolve these minor concerns, we can stop them from developing into more significant, costly issues down the road.

Initially, our professionals will inspect your place to make sure that any broken tiles aren’t the result of or contributing to other issues. Depending on what we discover, we will provide you with a clear quote, customized repair options, and a guarantee that we will only suggest necessary work—never upsell our services.

There are a few additional reasons why you might need tile replacement services in addition to the missing ones. These include deterioration from weather exposure, strong winds, storms, and falling debris; rusty or worn nails; cracked and damaged tiles; and improper installation techniques or materials.

Our expert workers can replace any kind, design, or size of tile, including composite, ridge and valley, concrete, clay, slate, and concrete. Give our staff a call right now if you need assistance for a commercial purpose. Depending on the circumstances, we will always dispatch a skilled worker with the required education and training to reach your space using a small scaffold, a cherry picker, or ladders.

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  • Planning and Evaluation of Projects
  • Preparing the subfloor and removing tiles
  • Tile Selection and Design Layout
  • Installing Tiles and Grouting
  • Maintenance and Final Touches
  • Elimination of Waste and Cleaning