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A qualified specialist is required to complete Whitby tile replacement services to achieve high-quality results. Focus Cleaning replaces and removes tiles in the most effective manner, so you can stop staring at those broken tiles. Our team of qualified specialists at Focus Cleaning has extensive experience in providing top-notch replacement services. With our expertise, we ensure that the replacement process is carried out efficiently and effectively, leaving you with impeccable results. Say goodbye to those unsightly broken tiles and hello to a beautifully restored space.

We can repair any damaged grout and restore the original appearance of the surfaces by simply removing and replacing individual tiles. We work within your budget, so the cost is very reasonable. We also complete the job quickly, so you can resume enjoying clean, new tiles. Focus Cleaning offers expert replacement services for all sizes, ensuring precision and care in every tile installation and a beautifully restored space for your satisfaction.

With tile replacement services, you can maintain the original, tasteful design. One tile will not be distinct from the others in terms of colour or tone. You can be confident that the replacement tiles will perfectly match the rest of your floor, as they will all match.

Your floor’s lifespan can be increased, and future repairs can be minimized with Focus Cleaning. Simple replacements that don’t break the bank can help you prolong the life of your tiles. For a fraction of the price, Focus Cleaning can restore the original appearance of your surfaces by removing and replacing individual tiles as well as doing any necessary grout repairs.

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Transform drab into fashionable with a new slab!

  • Skilled tile removal     
  • Subfloor arrangement     
  • A new collection of tiles
  • Competent tile installation    
  • Grout and sealant application    
  • Last-minute cleaning and inspection