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Nobody is intending to do it. Although it’s almost always an accident, no one wants it to happen, but with time and proper care, your tiling may sustain damage. Let’s be honest. Tiles that are chipped, cracked, and damaged appear normal. If left untreated, they lower the value of your condo and, in certain situations, can cause more serious issues.

Focus Cleaning’s expertise and experience allow them to repair stone and tiled surfaces that are chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged. We are more than just fancy cleaners, unlike most. Focus Cleaning has received extensive training in all facets of tile replacement services. Focus Cleaning can complete any task.

After visiting, Focus Cleaning will evaluate the impacted area. If Milton tile replacement is necessary, we will quickly and painlessly remove and replace the broken tiling and re-grout any cracked or damaged grout. No extra tiles? Don’t worry, we can be quite inventive and, most of the time, solve your problems with a workable solution.

Inquire about our special chipped tiling repair service in your neighbourhood, Focus Cleaning. Do you need to replace a broken soap holder? No drama; find out about our fixed-priced soap holder changing service by contacting your nearby Focus Cleaning. Do you not have a soap dispenser? Do you not believe that you have space for one? We have access to one of the largest selections of soap dispensers, shower shelves, and tiled bathroom accessories in the business, so we can get inventive there too. We can save you money by providing professional refurbishment services instead of paying for pricey retiling.

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  • Project Assessment and Planning
  • Tile Removal and Subfloor Preparation
  • Tile Selection and Layout Design
  • Tile Installation and Grouting
  • Finishing Touches and Maintenance
  • Waste Removal and Cleanup