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Does your chipped, cracked, or faded tile bring down the entire room? Focus Cleaning on Burlington can help! We offer tile replacement services in Burlington to revive your space. Whether it’s a small chip, or a noticeable crack that have lost their vibrant colour over time, Focus Cleaning on Burlington has the expertise to bring your room back to life. With our expert choices, you can transform your space and restore its original beauty. Don’t let worn-out tiles diminish the overall appeal of your room; trust Focus Cleaning to provide top-notch solutions for all your tile needs.

We can assess the damage and determine if your tile can be salvaged. For minor chips or cracks, we might be able to seamlessly glue them back together. Otherwise, we’ll replace it and professionally grout it to match the existing surface. Whether you have a small bathroom or a large kitchen, Focus Cleaning can handle any tile replacement service with precision and skill. Our team of experts will ensure that the new tile seamlessly blends in with the rest of your flooring or walls, leaving no trace of the previous damage.

With our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust Focus Cleaning to deliver exceptional results every time. Focus Cleaning emphasizes the importance of having spare tiles for repairs. If you don’t have any, we recommend contacting local suppliers before our visit.

We carry top-notch equipment and various adhesives, grouts, and sealers to handle any internal or external repair efficiently. Don’t let one damaged tile ruin your space! Contact Focus Cleaning today. We’ll handle the repair or replacement seamlessly, if you have the necessary spare tiles ready.

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Are wet floors a hassle? We will swap out that sag!

  • Planning and Evaluating Projects
  • Removing the tiles and installing the subfloor
  • Tile Selection and Design Layout
  • Installing Tiles and Grout
  • Maintenance and Accentuations
  • Trash removal and cleaning