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If your commercial building contains linoleum, vinyl, tile, or hardwood flooring, you must strip and wax it on a regular basis as part of the maintenance process. Although sweeping and mopping are necessary steps in hard floor cleaning, they are insufficient.

Focus Cleaning’s stripping and waxing floor services in Oakville restore the lustre of your hard flooring while protecting the material from wear and tear. Furthermore, our stripping and waxing services make your floor more slip-resistant, lowering safety risks within your facility. Regular stripping and waxing of hard flooring not only enhances its appearance but also extends its lifespan. By removing built-up dirt, grime, and old wax layers, our professional services ensure a deep clean that cannot be achieved through regular cleaning methods alone. In addition, our team at Focus Cleaning uses high-quality products and equipment to ensure a thorough and effective waxing process.

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Maintaining a polished floor through regular commercial floor cleaning keeps your space safe and reflects your organization’s high standards. We realize how crucial it is to maintain clean and shining floors. Our extensive floor stripping and waxing treatments remove filth and grime and leave a smooth, glossy appearance. We also offer great carpet cleaning, scrubbing, and buffing services to keep every square foot of your building as clean as possible.  

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We always use premium-quality products and equipment to ensure that our strip and wax floor service exceeds your expectations. Our careful floor cleaning service consists of scraping off any existing wax or sealer, thoroughly washing the underlying floor, applying a new coat of wax, buffing out any defects, and polishing for a smooth finish. 

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