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For your stone and porcelain floors, our Focus Cleaning crew has all the tools and knowledge needed to provide a thorough floor stripping service. We can strip and reseal any hard-surface flooring. Many of our clients receive this on a regular basis as part of their contracts, but they may also request that it be done on demand.

The stripping procedure is intrusive and very disorganized. The surfaces are treated with a stripper and allowed to sit. After that, the area is scrubbed until the stripper has fully penetrated the sealer. This procedure aids in the sealer’s breakdown into a milky, wet solution. After removing the excess, the procedure may need to be repeated to remove all the residue and sealer. When the Barrie floor stripping service is finished, the resealing procedure starts. On the hard-surface flooring, our knowledgeable specialists evenly apply a new coat of sealer, guaranteeing a glossy, smooth finish. This prolongs the flooring’s life by shielding it from stains, dings, and normal wear and tear. Our customers value the thoroughness of our refinishing and stripping services because they leave their floors looking immaculate and well-kept.

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All deeply embedded stains can be removed from surfaces, including tile, laminate, and stone flooring, and then the surfaces can be restored to their original appearance by applying a high-quality, long-lasting sealant or polish. 

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In the janitorial and sanitation sectors, the process of removing a hard floor’s finish is referred to as “stripping floors.” Slurry stripping is one of the traditional stripping techniques used in this multi-step process. To refinish the floor and make it more level and secure for foot traffic, it is imperative that the top finish be removed. 

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