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For existing tiled areas, Barrie tile regrouting is a repair and maintenance solution. A substitute for retiling is tile regrouting. Any tiled area that has seen years of daily traffic or wear and tear looks much better after this procedure. For practically all tiled areas, this is appropriate, ranging from showers to tiled floors, laundry rooms, and kitchen splashbacks. Any tiling area can be given a new, clean appearance with this service for a cost that is reasonable and suitable for all budgets—certainly for a fraction of the price of replacing them.

Even though the tiles are in excellent shape, the grout often starts to separate and crumble, giving the space an unkempt, messy appearance. We advise that you replumb your bathroom if it sounds like this. There are many advantages to retiring. Your bathroom is only out of commission for 24 hours, not weeks, when tiled areas look brand new for a fraction of the price. Rewiring helps make a property look better, which can increase the selling price by thousands of dollars and speed up the selling process for anyone considering selling.

The old grout is removed from tiles and replaced with new grout; using a specialized power tool set to the necessary depth of roughly 3 to 4 mm, the old grout is removed. As with any maintenance procedure, having the right tools for the job and making sure the preparation is done correctly are crucial for getting the desired results. After this is finished, the area is cleaned, and a fresh grout application with a strength additive is made.

White grout, a cementitious cement, is resistant to mould and bacteria and has a 10-year lifespan, as recommended by manufacturers.

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  • Pre-repairing Examination
  • Elimination of Old Grout
  • Setting Up the Subfloor
  • Choosing and Combining Grout
  • Using Grout
  • Cleaning and Grout Removal