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While your tiles never lose their original beauty and shine, the grout joints in the tub or shower area usually start to deteriorate and discolour over time. At a fraction of the price of a replacement, our Scarborough regrouting services will give you that “new” look. You won’t have to deal with the trouble of removal and installation because the work is completed in a single day, and you can resume using your shower in 48 hours.

Like carpeted walkways, traffic patterns will eventually form on tile floors, resulting in grout joint discoloration. Focus Cleaning will apply a solution to your floor that is designed to draw dirt out of the pores in the grout joints. We then remove grout traffic patterns using our cutting-edge steam vapour cleaning method. A clear, penetrating sealer is applied to your floor after it has been cleaned and rinsed to shield the grout joints from discoloration in the future.

For clients looking to update the appearance or simply brighten a space, our staining services present an appealing alternative. The service doesn’t harm the environment. You’ve been staring at those broken tiles for years, but you didn’t know how to fix them. Focus Cleaning will replace them. In the past, loose floor tiles and cracked grout typically required a costly floor replacement. However, Focus Cleaning can fix any loose tiles without having to take them out of the floor and fix any damaged grout to restore the original appearance of your floor for a much lower price.

You can finally achieve that clean look you’ve been aiming for with newly installed caulking around the tub and/or shower edges. Our eco-friendly products offer excellent regrouting services and looks and are made especially for damp environments.

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  • Pre-repairing Examination  
  • Elimination of Old Grout  
  • Setting Up the Subfloor
  • Choosing and Combining Grout  
  • Using Grout  
  • Cleaning and Grout Removal