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High Pressure Washing Services

Routine cleaning is not enough after a certain point. At that point, the dirt and grime buildup brought on by external factors must be removed with a high-pressure washing.

In order to clean a range of outdoor surfaces, including garages, concrete driveways, driveway floors, and the exteriors of commercial spaces, Focus Cleaning offers pressure washing services in Burlington.

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Comprehensive Power Washing

Naturally, our high-pressure cleaning expertise also extends to interior flooring in large establishments and other areas that require pressure washing. We use state-of-the-art, premium cleaning equipment, so we can offer a comprehensive and safe power washing service without flooding the area! In addition, Focus Cleaning specializes in getting rid of common fungi that grow on outdoor surfaces, like mould and mildew, as well as slick materials like algae and moss. To return the surface to its original, clean appearance, we aim to pressure wash away any unwanted materials and dirt!

Spring Power Washing

Although pressure washing is a popular spring cleaning option for Burlington businessowners, we also accept appointments for any time of year or as needed. Your business value will decrease if your outdoor spaces are left completely disorganized due to inclement weather or neglect. It is best to leave the cleanup of these outdoor spaces and surfaces, like patios, backyards, and office exterior walls to a group of skilled experts to guarantee a satisfactory and safe result.

Burlington Power Washing

Thankfully, Focus Cleaning offers clients a comprehensive power washing service in Burlington, enabling them to take care of all their office cleaning requirements under one place. Whether you want a pressure wash to give your Office a new lease on life or are trying to sell it, our professional staff will go above and beyond to make sure it looks clean and new!

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