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Our industrial cleaning services go above and beyond the strict specifications of contemporary manufacturing and industry. In addition to chemical cleaning techniques and dry ice blasting, we employ some of the biggest pressurized water blasting machines in Whitby with skill and safety.

Numerous industrial equipment types, diverse materials and debris to be removed, and difficult areas necessitating specialized cleaning all exist. With state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled personnel, we are equipped to tackle any challenge.

Focus Cleaning makes sure that its technicians and equipment are superior to those provided by other companies to uphold its position as the top specialty cleaning company. For example, we developed our proprietary injection system into the Multi-Phase Hydro blaster, a hydro blast cleaning technique. Our industrial cleaning services in Whitby revolve around this ultra-high-pressure water blasting technology, which is far more efficient and time-efficient than other pressure washers. Chemical, petroleum, and other industries frequently depend on us to clean the exteriors and interiors of important machinery and equipment.

The most stubborn dirt, grime, and pollutants can be removed from surfaces with our Multi-Phase Hydro blaster, guaranteeing a complete and efficient cleaning procedure. Furthermore, our staff of expert technicians has experience managing intricate cleaning tasks, ensuring smooth implementation and minimal downtime for our customers. Along with vacuum pumps and trucks, we also provide high-tech industrial cleaning services for the removal of contaminated soil, sludge, wastewater, and more. We have an excellent safety record when on large industry property. For ten years, our crews have not experienced any recordable injuries or safety issues!

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