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Focus Cleaning’s industrial cleaning crew has vast experience and a successful track record of tackling even the most challenging factory and industrial cleaning services. Although floor cleaning and degreasing are more common industrial cleaning tasks, Focus Cleaning has a track record of creating and implementing innovative cleaning solutions for difficult industrial problems. Industrial cleaning tasks in factories and warehouses can be very challenging. 

The tasks involve vacuuming carbon dust from a tire manufacturing shutdown, steam cleaning a bottle manufacturing plant’s equipment zone, cleaning massive underground ducts at a desalination plant, degreasing the exterior housing of a power plant transformer, and using abseiling gear to sandblast the interior of enormous silos. These are very complex and varied work environments.  

Trust the Focus Cleaning team in your neighbourhood for your next industrial cleaning service in Burlington. An industrial floor is one of the many surfaces that require ongoing maintenance to ensure a safe working environment. Focus Cleaning has cleaned floors in a variety of settings, including factories, paint shops, mechanic pits, sporting ovals, bottle manufacturing facilities, bus depots, and train stations. We have also done degreasing, acid washing, stripping, decontaminating, power sweeping, and distribution centres. 

Different floors in different industrial settings benefit from different cleaning methods. Restoring industrial floors is one of the most common tasks we take on in factory and warehouse cleaning projectsHeavy dirt accumulation and severe deterioration are common features of industrial floors. Focus Cleaning employs specialized cleaning techniques for concrete, tiles, steel, and paved floor areas when conventional cleaning methods such as sweeping, mopping, and even industrial scrubbing prove to be inefficient. We can help your industry establish a more aesthetically pleasing and secure working environment. 

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