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It’s important to periodically clean your mall thoroughly. You can choose to spend money on one-time deep cleaning services for your mall. High-dusting services in Burlington are provided by Focus Cleaning to commercial property owners. So that you can take pleasure in living in a dust- and stain-free Burlington. Cleaning every nook and cranny in your mall, including the balcony, ceiling fan, front door, and other surfaces, is a comprehensive housekeeping solution.

We take great satisfaction in carefully cleaning every square inch of your property as professionals. Every inch of your mall is examined by our cleaning specialists, even the spaces between your slider windows. So, all you have to do is relax while the cleaning is being done, and your tidy and organized space will look brand new in a matter of hours.

Focus Cleaning will provide you with years of experience, years of professionalism, and stringent background checks. We are looking for meticulous people who will look after your mall well. We provide you with trustworthy, thoroughly vetted, and knowledgeable cleaning staff. From anywhere in Canada, you can book a ceiling cleaning service in Burlington with us. 

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Burlington Dusting Services

High dusting ensures precision, safety, a perfect, thorough cleaning, and a commercial cleaning service. Our highly trained professionals are skilled in navigating tight spaces and utilizing specialized tools to effectively remove dust from hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, our team takes great care to protect delicate surfaces and belongings, ensuring a thorough cleaning without any damage. 

  • Fan blades and other hanging air fixtures
  • Overhangs
  • Skylights and high reaching windows
  • Atriums
  • Ledges of all kinds

Ceiling Cleaning

Our deep cleaning of the kitchen includes everything from the stove to the countertops, kitchen platform, sinks, tiles, cabinets, appliances, and exhaust fan. We also empty the trash and clean the stove. In our bedroom, we would scrub the floor, dry dust the walls and ceilings, vacuum the carpets, clean the outside of the cupboards, and clean the windows, grills, and light fixtures. We would remove cobwebs, clean cabinets and shelves from the outside, any open shelves that are emptied, clean mirrors and glass, water closets, sinks, and showers. We would also thoroughly clean the windows, exhaust fans, floors, and tile. 

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