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Hardwood floors are stunning; nothing compares to their richly coloured, smooth surface. These floors, however, experience some wear and tear over time. Hardwood floors that are worn, scratched, and unsightly are not unusual. Your floors can be restored to their original beauty with Newmarket floor refinishing services from Focus Cleaning, even though they may appear totally irreparable and damaged.

Hardwood floor transformations achieved with just sanding and waxing are astounding. It is possible to buff and polish imperfections, like cracks and scratches, to make them appear brand new. It’s not always necessary to reinstall due to damage to the floor. Give Focus Cleaning a call if you’re not sure if your floor can be salvaged. Regardless of the kind of hardwood flooring you have; we can evaluate the condition of your floor and assist you in determining whether floor refinishing service is feasible.

We restore and revitalize your wood floors while providing our services. Don’t worry if you believe your wood floor is beyond repairable! It’s likely that we can restore your floors to their former glory.

Our staff can assist you if you’re unsure if your floors can be salvaged. We have the capability to repair most wood floor damage. Most of the time, significant damage is limited to a small area, but anything too major can be replaced. Instead of having to pay for a full reinstallation, our crew might be able to replace a few damaged planks, repair the remaining portion of the floor, and refinish the whole thing to match.

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