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Burlington Routine Disinfection

It is more crucial than ever to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones against the COVID-19 pandemic in the modern world. Even though routine disinfection and cleaning are crucial, occasionally a deeper clean is also required, particularly if there has been a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in your hospitals or place of business. Beyond standard cleaning, Focus Cleaning provides disinfection cleaning services in Burlington as well as specialized COVID-19 disinfection services.  

Our professionally qualified and experienced deep cleaners adhere to a strict procedure to guarantee that your hospitals or place of business is completely safe and sanitized. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of the areas that require treatment beforehand. This will assist us in locating all high-touch surfaces and potential locations visited by the infected individual during their contagious phase.  

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Sanitization And Disinfection

Burlington Fogging Services

ULV Fogging

ULV fogging system allows a dry-mist to penetrate all areas including all unreachable spaces for total coverage and safety. This Disinfection methodology is most efficient and safe because it disinfects every surface it spreads. It’s safe and environmentally friendly.

TOTAL 360 -Ultimate Disinfectant Solutions

With the fight against the coronavirus and other germs with Electrostatic Technology… absolutely FAST and 100% effective!
Electrostatic technology enables superior coverage of Clorox-trusted solutions in hard-to- reach places — the side, underside and backside of surfaces and highly unreachable areas
Kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds

  • 44 organism claims: Kills cold and flu viruses, MRSA and norovirus in 2 minutes or less
  • Eliminates odors
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Health Canada Approved Burlington Disinfectants

We’ll use our hospital-grade disinfectant solution to wipe down all surfaces once we’ve determined which areas are the targets. This remedy works well against COVID-19 as well as a wide range of other viruses and bacteria. We’ll use the proper cleaning supplies to give every surface a thorough cleaning after the disinfectant has been applied. This will get rid of any organic material, dirt, or grime that might contain bacteria or viruses. A report detailing the services rendered will be given to you after the cleaning and disinfection are finished. Both private and public transportation vehicles serve as havens for bacteria and germs. Your car can stay clean and safe with the help of our sanitization and fogging service. For companies of all sizes, Focus Cleaning can provide thorough disinfection services. We can help keep clinics, schools, and other establishments hygienic and secure. 

Premium Sanitization Methods

Focus Cleaning offers sanitization services to assist you in developing and implementing a plan to handle high-traffic and high-touch surfaces in your business office, restaurant, retail store, or other facilities. When you work with us, you can anticipate precise commercial cleaning service practices, high-quality service, and prompt response to any demands you have.

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