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In addition to lasting longer, clean carpets can enhance the atmosphere in any type of commercial space, including restaurants, offices, and schools. In addition to your routine commercial cleaning service, we can handle all your carpet cleaning needs. Carpets are more than just floor coverings; they are also efficient filters, capturing all the dust, dirt, and allergens that are tracked into any space by foot traffic. These particles build up deep within the carpet fibres over time, giving the surface a drab and unclean appearance. In addition to vacuuming and polishing your floors, it’s critical to give your carpets extra care by hiring a professional cleaning crew to come in on a regular basis. 

Having clean carpets is crucial to keeping your business, restaurant, school, or any other type of commercial space feeling new and welcoming. They not only make your place look better overall, but they are also very important for raising the quality of the air inside. Focus Cleaning, a cleaning company, guarantees that your carpets stay in perfect condition by providing thorough carpet cleaning services in Newmarket that go above and beyond standard commercial cleaning. 

You can always count on Focus Cleaning to provide the best deep cleaning and spot cleaning services. When you hire us to handle the task, we use the highest-calibre steam cleaners, carpet cleaning machines, and powerful cleaning solutions that are safe for your carpets and the environment. 

Our committed crew is prepared to handle all your carpet cleaning service needs, whether they involve deep cleaning or spot-treating stains that are difficult to remove from your carpets. We start by carefully inspecting your carpets, identifying any problem areas, and choosing the best cleaning technique. Through the efficient removal of allergens, stains, and odours, our deep cleaning procedure leaves your carpets feeling renewed and refreshed. 

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Office and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Deep steam cleaning of carpets
  • Thoroughly vacuum the carpets
  • Spot cleaning for stains from the carpets
  • Separate treatment for the type of stains like coffee, blood, food, grease, etc.
  • Shampoo clean
  • Hot water extract
  • Disinfectant and odor out treatment
  • Carpet stain protector application