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Beautiful upholstery and carpeting can truly elevate your business space in the Ajax area. Regretfully, even in the cleanest of settings, these surfaces are infamously hard to maintain. Ultimately, all it takes is one unlucky stain to ruin the impression of an otherwise content tenant, client, or customer. Therefore, Focus Cleaning services are required if your business has couches, carpets, rugs, curtains, or other upholstered surfaces. Being the best commercial carpet cleaning services company in Ajax, we can handle even the most difficult areas thanks to our years of experience and cutting-edge cleaning solutions. 

When tenants, customers, and clients walk into your place, their first impression is of your flooring, so it’s critical that you create the greatest impression possible. Thankfully, our crew has more years of expertise restoring like-new quality to even the most tarnished carpets and rugs.  

Our technicians use only the most suitable and efficient equipment when working in commercial buildings throughout Ajax to guarantee the best results every time. If your place has carpeting, you are aware of how quickly wear and tear can appear in those high-traffic areas.  

You must keep these areas clear of stains, debris, and damage if you want to preserve the new-look appearance of your commercial carpet assets while safeguarding your investment for years to come. Our work at Focus Cleaning services goes beyond simply doing a “good enough” job. Together, we create a commercial carpet cleaning schedule that fits your needs and your budget and takes care of high-traffic areas before they become a problem. 

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Office and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Deep steam cleaning of carpets
    • Thoroughly vacuum the carpets
    • Spot cleaning for stains from the carpets
    • Separate treatment for the type of stains like coffee, blood, food, grease, etc.
  • Shampoo clean
  • Hot water extract
  • Disinfectant and odor out treatment
  • Carpet stain protector application