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One bus, a fleet of buses, or even an entire depot can be cleaned by our transit agency cleaning services, which include thoroughly cleaning the depot in addition to the buses inside. We know how to clean around a busy business so that our services don’t slow you or your staff down. Many of our cleaners have experience cleaning in hectic industrial settings. To minimize any disruption to your operations, we place a high priority on efficiency and flexibility in our cleaning services.

Our skilled cleaners are prepared to collaborate harmoniously with your employees, guaranteeing a seamless and continuous operation while upholding the strictest cleaning standards. When it comes to North York transit agency cleaning, we start with a thorough safety audit and cleaning assessment conducted by a dedicated site manager. This manager will inform your staff and our cleaning team of any requirements on both ends.

After that, we talk about the cleaning services you need and the timing. The contract is designed to interfere with your business as little as possible. Bus depot efficiency is crucial, and we work hard to provide a cleaning schedule that fits your operational requirements. To guarantee that there is as little disruption to your services as possible, our team is adaptable and can work during off-peak hours or at times when the depot is less crowded. Furthermore, we keep a close eye on our cleaning procedures to spot any room for development and make necessary adjustments.

We take great satisfaction in our ability to operate in a variety of hectic settings and to supply precisely the quantity of cleaners you need for a managed cleaning service. All our employees have received health and safety training, and we only use non-toxic cleaning products that are designed to be both long-lasting and quick to work their way through even the most stubborn dirt and debris. 

Our Transit Agency Cleaning Services

Waiting Area

  • Entrance glass door and railings
  • Walls
  • Runner mats
  • TV monitors
  • Check cobwebs
  • Chairs/benches
  • Vents and baseboards
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Phone booths
  • Garbage and recycle bins

Dispatch Room

  • Floors
  • Ledges, tables, counters, seating
  • Garbage and recycle bins
  • Walls and doors
  • Air vents
  • Microwave, kettle and fridge

Bus Platform

  • Floors
  • Under the canopy for coffee stains
  • Garbage and recycle bins
  • Window sills, ledges and seating
  • Shelters
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Check graffiti and unauthorized notices


  • Counters, sinks, faucets and mirrors
  • Doors front and back
  • Toilet base and seat (In/Out)
  • Urinals, partitions
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Air vents
  • Garbage and recycle bins

Parking Lot

  • Floors


  • Elevator enclosure
  • Exterior of elevator
  • Call buttons