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Finished floors are frequently among the largest financial commitments a business can make. Consequently, maintenance and protection have emerged as crucial responsibilities for cleaning specialists. Putting in place a mat program is an excellent first step in safeguarding completed floors. Most of the dirt and debris that is tracked into your finished floors from shoes can be removed from them by using outdoor and foyer/entryway area mats. Matting within can also aid in removing the last trace of dirt, including moisture. 

You can enhance and preserve the look of your floors with the help of Focus Cleaning’s strip and waxing services in Concord. Our areas of expertise are stripping and waxing concrete flooring. Businesses of all stripes are struggling to maintain finished floors in the current economic climate with tight budgets and staffing levels. 

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Gym floors are almost always in use or in demand; they can be thought of as living, breathing organisms. When you consider the term, the floor found in sports arenas and all levels of schools is the most common gym floor. These floors, wherever they may be, most likely sustain daily abuse. While a floor’s typical lifespan can vary greatly depending on the type of flooring—from 15 years for vinyl to up to 50 years for wood—it can also drop significantly if regular maintenance is neglected. 

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The process of completely removing old wax from a floor is called floor stripping. Additionally, by doing this, any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the surface is removed. This is a labour-intensive task that requires a skilled individual because it must be done carefully to avoid damaging the floor itself and takes a lot of time. 

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