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Even the strongest flooring wears out over time due to abrasions. Over time, the old wax, scuffs, and dirt on the surface degrade the sheen and undermine the protective layer. The strip and wax approach is one of the most efficient ways to rejuvenate worn-out floors, as opposed to merely washing them. By removing the old wax, scuffs, and dirt, the surface is ready for a new layer of wax. This not only restores the sheen but also creates a new protective layer that may survive future abrasions and extend the life of the floor.

The strip-and-wax technique begins with the application of specific chemicals to remove old wax and debris. This deep cleaning eliminates years of accumulation, exposing the original surface beneath. After being entirely scraped naked, the floor is ready for a makeover—the application of a new layer of wax. In addition to restoring the gloss, this fresh coat protects the floor from future harm and makes cleaning easier.

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The strip-and-wax process in Brampton is a very efficient way to rejuvenate worn-out flooring. By removing old wax and debris, you not only reveal the original surface but also prepare it for a fresh layer of wax. This procedure not only restores the shine but also provides a robust protective coating that can survive further abrasions, therefore prolonging the life of the floor.

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Bespoke floor maintenance is more essential than merely keeping a clean appearance with strips and wax. The fresh wax coating protects the floor from scuffs, spills, and stains, extending its life and reducing the number of repairs. Furthermore, a professionally waxed floor takes less time and effort to keep in excellent condition since it is easier to clean. If your floors seem dull, contact us to schedule a strip and wax.   



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