A fair amount of people are finding themselves with a dimmed festive mood more than a year after the original COVID-19 instance. Although many may be relieved that the possibilities of a third lockdown are small, especially after the country’s first-ever vaccination was released last December 8, precautions remain on the minds of the population. Because of the epidemic, consumers are more concerned than ever about the cleanliness of their rooms. The travel and tourism industry has taken a huge hit and is looking to bounce back in full swing. However, before you open your hotel for business again, look out for the following signs that indicate that your hotel requires professional deep cleaning. 

Signs Your Hotel Rooms Require A Professional Deep Cleaning 

Here are some simple methods to tell if it’s time to hire professional hotel cleaning services in Canada.

Check The Bathroom

It’s clear to guests when the bathroom hasn’t been fully cleaned. In a restroom, it’s challenging to hide untidiness! If your tiles no longer have white grout, bacteria are most likely present. Be wary of them, as they are frequently origins of icky fungus-based diseases such as athlete’s foot! The toilet is also a good measure of how sanitized a restroom is. Take a glance inside the tank, and if the walls are starting to resemble something out of a horror film, slimy and dark, then it’s time to re-educate your cleaning staff! When it comes to the washroom, look for black or green mildew, remaining hair, soap, and shampoo scum on the walls or drapes. 

Check The Window Frames

The summer season is notorious for bringing dust and lingering spring pollen. It’s wise to examine the windows from both the inside and outside for this. Is there any dust sticking to the window glass or cobwebs forming at the window frame’s pinnacle? With the change of season comes a shift in temperature, which can lead to mildew growth on window sills. Also, keep an eye out for any dead creepy crawlies!

If your location allows smoking, earlier visitors may have smoked near the windows to take in the scenery. Remember to check for any stray cigarette tar.

Check Tight Spaces

Yes, it’s inconvenient, but shifting furniture around, particularly those against the wall, might help you determine whether it’s time to start looking for professional hotel cleaning services in Canada. Tight places are frequently disregarded since the heavy lifting is so inconvenient. Dust and filth, on the other hand, adore those nooks and crevices. Checking these tight spaces becomes imperative to help you assess the quality and cleanliness of your rooms. 

Check High-Touch Points With UV

During the epidemic, UV lights for disinfection were fairly popular. However, many people are unaware of the several forms of UV (A, B, and C) and their various roles. Unfortunately, many people have been duped by deceptive marketing owing to a lack of study. UV-A and UV-C are the two forms of UV that can be used in this instance. The purpose of UV-A is not to destroy bacteria, but to determine whether or not an area has been thoroughly cleansed. UV-C, on the other hand, is used to engage and destroy microorganisms, particularly spore-forming bacteria. In the process of hotel cleaning and inspections, it is advised to use UV-A to check for fingerprints or dust on high-touch locations such as beds, couches, knobs, switches, remotes, appliances, and so on.

Moving Foward With Focus Cleaning Services

If you discover that there are warning indicators, the next step may be to hunt for the phone number of a reputable cleaning business. Focus Cleaning provides cleaning services for hotels and offices in Canada, so you don’t have to look far. With only a few clicks, you’ll not only be on your way to having hotel cleaning services that guarantee your complete happiness, but also the certainty that your guests will enjoy themselves. Contact us today at 647-532-2730 to make a reservation for a quality cleaning service.