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Sparkly Driveway

Do you recall the lovely sheen your office had when you first moved in? Sparkly entry driveway with a shine. A glow that filled the entire neighbourhood with light? So, stop thinking back and start shining with Focus Cleaning’s power washing services! Your mall’s driveway, deck, siding, and other external surfaces can all be brought back to their former splendour with our expert power washing services in Concord. The finest aspect? It is completed in a single, in-depth visit! Make an appointment right now. 

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Grime Removal

The surfaces in your space will last longer if dirt, algae, and grime are removed. Over time, blacktop, concrete, paving, siding, and wood can sustain damage from salt, sand, algae, and moss. Expert power washing maintains all these surfaces in prime condition. Our power washing service at Focus Cleaning is performed without the use of harsh chemicals. Instead, to achieve amazing results, we employ the newest power washing technology. Our skilled technicians will work hard to keep things as simple and convenient as possible. When necessary, they will carefully relocate and replace any patio furniture or other possessions to guarantee complete power washing in a single, in-depth visit. The best part is that we can finish the service even if you’re not at office! 

Advanced Pressure Washing

Has the outside of office or place of business recently taken on a somewhat bland appearance? A professional pressure wash might be necessary if you want to bring back the original brightness of your office or place of business. Focus Cleaning uses advanced technology, in-depth training, and a strong work ethic to guarantee that commercial clients are satisfied with our power washing services. 

Concord's Power Washing

Focus Cleaning has been in business for a long time, and we are not a franchise that outsources the work. We provide reliable power washing services with qualified personnel and adequate insurance for any size commercial project. We are totally licensed and certified, with vast experience. 

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