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Cleaning for a Medical Office Requires a Commercial Cleaning Company with Experience. Not just any Canadian janitorial service can take on medical office cleaning jobs. Unlike Janitorial cleaning for other kinds of offices and buildings, Healthcare facility cleaning and medical office cleaning require specialized training and equipment in order to be done right.

Focus Cleaning takes cleanliness and maintaining quality standards seriously, as these premises have hundreds and thousands of visitors every day, and they visit the premises for health reasons. Hence, a professional cleaning services provided like Focus Cleaning becomes a core part of the services, as we can customize our offering to any situation and need.  Our doctor’s office cleaning services are certified and insured, and we employ highly trained professionals who strive to maintain the safety and quality standards of your practice.

Focus Cleaning offers high-end doctor/dental office cleaning services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We have cleaners ready for action in Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Newmarket, Vaughan, Aurora, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and other Southern parts of Ontario.

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Areas We Clean

High Risk Areas

  • Operating Theatres (OTs)
  • CATH Lab
  • C.T.V.S
  • Post-Operating Units
  • MICU
  • NICU
  • CCU
  • Recovery Unit

Medium Risk Areas

  • Examination rooms
  • Procedure rooms
  • Consultation rooms
  • In-Patient rooms
  • Blood Bank
  • Labs

Low Risk Areas

  • Public areas
  • Waiting areas
  • Corridors
  • Basement
  • Staircases
  • Elevators
  • Common washrooms
  • Mortuary
  • MRI
  • MRD Nursing Station

Hospital Cleaning Services

High Risk Areas

  • Remove all soiled linen and garbage
  • Possibly remove or keep aside machine and instruments
  • Sweeping clean the entire area
  • Damp dusting the entire area
  • Scrub thoroughly with disinfectant solution
  • Disinfect the entire area including walls floor, tiles and skirting with disinfectant solution
  • Arrange the machines and instruments in their respective places
  • Re-dusting the area with disinfectant solution
  • Every night sterile and sub-sterile areas to get thoroughly washed and scrubbed with disinfectant solution to ensure a completely disinfected area
  • Maintenance to be checked and written information to be given to Engg. Department

Operation Theatre

  • As soon as a case is finished soiled linen will be taken out
  • Pick any disposable items if lying on the floor and put into the colored bins as per norms
  • Garbage will be removed from the O.T.
  • Switch off all electrical supplies
  • Clean the O.T. floor with detergent solution
  • Scrub the walls, tiles, O.T. tables, etc. with disinfectant solution
  • Finally mop the floor with 1% sodium hypochlorite solution


  • Remove all soiled linen and garbage
  • Damp dust the entire area with disinfectant solution
  • Vacuum clean the entire area especially the corners and edges
  • Door edges, A/c grill, ducts etc.
  • Spot cleaning for removal of stains
  • Wet mop of the entire floor with hypochlorite solution
  • Maintenance to be checked and follow up for rectification and jobs
  • Thorough cleaning should be followed once in a week as per weekly O.T. Cleaning protocol

Medium Risk Areas

  • Remove all garbage from the dustbins
  • Remove all used linen from the room
  • Dust the entire area with a damp cloth or when necessary with an appropriate solution
  • Sweeping the entire area
  • Mop the floor with detergent solution
  • Scrubbing of the rooms on weekly basis with detergent
  • Thorough cleaning of the rooms to be done once in a week
  • Maintenance to be noted and written information to be given

Low Risk Areas

  • Remove all garbage from the dustbins
  • Dust the entire area with a damp cloth or when necessary with an appropriate solution
  • Sweeping the entire area. Use dust control mop for sweeping in corridor throughout the shift
  • Mop the floor with detergent solution
  • Scrubbing of the above mentioned areas to be done daily basis
  • Maintenances to be noted and written information to be given

Elevator Cleaning

  • Take the elevator to a non-patient, non-public floor for cleaning and stop the elevator
  • Remove the light diffusers (once in a week) carefully, remove the dust from the channels and clean the wall and ceiling with damp cloth soaked in bacillocid solution. Wipe dry to prevent streaking and replace
  • Clean the floor with cleaning solution
  • Mop the floor with sodium hypochlorite solution
  • Polish the steel wall with steel polish, once in a week

Staircase Cleaning

  • Dusting of staircase railing
  • Sweeping with feather brush, corner cleaning weekly
  • Pay attention to hand marks, smudges, snuffs, on the railing glass panels.  Finally, mop the floor
  • Report any maintenance to the supervisor immediately
  • Hourly mopping / touch up with hand mop to be given to maintain it. Scrubbing with Detergent in daily basis in night shift

Outer Areas

  • Pick up the things around the hospital premises in the morning
  • Smooth sweeping of heavy traffic area including emergency, IPD, OPD and parking area. Front area has to be done first
  • Once area is thoroughly cleaned, touch-ups to be given to the heavy traffic areas till the evening
  • Every Saturday thorough washing of outer area to be done in the evening

Window Cleaning

  • Prepare window cleaning solution
  • Place window brush into solution
  • Apply solution to window surface using ‘S’ strokes
  • Use squeeze, starting at bottom corner and working upward along outside edge, across scrubbed window nylon scrubber
  • Remove any solution remaining on the window frames or ledges with clean cloth
  • Clean equipment and store properly
  • Some area may require the use of a glass scrapper to remove tough stains

Washroom Cleaning

  • Remove garbage
  • Clean toilet bowls from inside and outside
  • Clean seat cover free of spots and stains
  • Clean plumbing fixtures
  • Clean counter shelf behind W/C seat (No dust, stain and finger marks )
  • Clean sink inside/outside, underneath, chrome fixture to be functional/free from spot of water marks
  • Clean mirror (No water marks, frame edges clean)
  • Clean tube above mirror